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Patreon Perk Redemption Guide

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Here is how Patreon donors can get their perks:

1) Register an account on https://www.paradisestation.org/forum

2) Verify your email address

3) Log into the game, and use the 'Forum' button to link your ingame account to your forum account.

4) Use https://www.paradisestation.org/forum/index.php?app=patreonintegration&module=system&controller=patreonconnect to link your forum account to your patreon account

5) Use https://www.paradisestation.org/forum/discord/invite/general/ to link your forum account to your Discord account


Assuming you have done all of those, you should get your perks in game, forum and discord within one hour or so. If you don't, contact Kyet.

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