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finally got around to making chiki's ref cleaner because of artfight. the first ones only like two years old and it already hurts me to look at I don't know why I ever thought my terrible handwr

My half of an art trade with the ever-talented @Drakeven! I love your characters, and I had a lot of fun with this! It made me wanna do more with my backgrounds tbh

Been too busy for much ss13 art lately. drasks are too tall for their own good

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Also because someone asked, I'm uploading more of my monstober stuff here even though I wasn't a huge fan of them

A changeling impersonating a worryingly tall Tokorizo for theme Transformation


My own interpretation of an Auralis for theme Techno-organic


and Crime Slime Dayana for theme Horns


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day 29 theme: ghosting
fun fact, at any given time chikitita is surrounded by at least 20 different ghosts of malpractice victims begging for help beyond the grave



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Jacob Pearls and Aurora, two friendly faces I see in medbay a lot

I'm trying to force myself to learn how to draw vulps. It's a process.





Also, Ozz. Cowboy lizard extraordinaire



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small short vox doodles

Atria except I can't not draw her without her being scary lookin lol


Kikeri after a particularly off-the-rails ragin' mages shift


Kar-ski during a xenomorph round, who just wants to grill for godsake




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Something I love about your art is how much character there is in it

Not just in the face, but in the colours and the vectors and the poses, it's all emotive and I love that

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Small doodle post cuz I forgot to post any of these


Christmas vox



Some vox emotes



and the requested Chikitita plush sprite edit, which I wasn't going to post here but it's funny


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happy new year, everyone

I didn't intend for this 2 minute doodle to be my first art of 2021, but it was technically a request



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