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Major Wiki Update

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I've done a major upgrade to the wiki.

As of today:

  • Logging in to the wiki now uses your forum username/password. You no longer have to remember a separate username/password just for the wiki.
  • Creating a wiki account is now automatic, when you log in via a forum account which doesn't have a wiki account. No more manually registering separate wiki accounts.
  • Logging in will now synchronize your email, email verification status, displayname, etc with the forum, so it won't get out of date on the wiki.
  • Game Admins now automatically get moderator permissions on the wiki, including the ability to view the list of unpatrolled edits, and to mark edits as patrolled. This enables game admins to keep an eye on the wiki.
  • Players can no longer send each other email via the wiki. This had the potential to be annoying.
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