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Quint's Hand Drawn Failures


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A chain of improbable events lead me to this point, where i am actually drawing something and posting it in this threat. I got no fancy programs or tools to make anything digital (except if you count a mouse and paint into this category), nor the skill required to do so. All i got are some pens and pieces of paper, so this thread will only include hand drawn art garbage. I only started to try the day before yesterday to seriously draw, so please don't hit me if i am not able to get up to the Graphics Sections standards.

Without further ado i present to you my first drawing of a humanoid person:


Just James in his typical outfit. (He is an IPC and therefore allowed to only have four fingers, while hiding one of his hands in a pocket.)



Here i tried to draw something more exciting than the standard front perspective, however something seems off about this one and i don't know what it is.



I am still learning how to actually portrait certain three dimensional things in a two dimensional fashion (how to draw), therefore i would appreciate any kind of feedback on how to improve my work. Thank you for your attention required to read this far.

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It was always this way.
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It's always exciting to see new art and new people posting art on the forums.

Drawing, and art in general is a constant learning experience. And ofcourse you don't need all the fancy tools to make art, there's people who make awesome things using the basic tools all the time.


I hope to see more. :3

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So, @John_bigless said he wanted his character drawn.


As we knew us for some time, I just asked him if he would be willing to give me this opportunity. With the input of him i didn't have to think too much about the setting and details and it was therefore overall fairly relaxing. I am more than happy that i've done this and he seems to be pleased with the result too.


Nathan chilling at home with a can of synthanol.



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