An Unlucky Day for the Cyberiad

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Name of Event: An Unlucky Day for the Cyberiad

One Sentence Description: Someone really angered the gods (admins) and now they're throwing everything they have at the Cyberiad's crew.

Map Changes: No

Code Changes: No

Suggested Number of Players: Preferably during high pop (75+)

Full Description of Event: This is probably the unluckiest day in the history of the Cyberiad. For the entire shift, (Or until the crew evacuates or sets off the nuke) the station will be hit by every single possible random event. The round will start with some harmless or helpful events, such as traders or sentient animal, but starting at about the half hour mark, the events will get progressively more and more dangerous. Viral outbreaks, borers, spiderlings, power failure, radiation waves, and more. This will also be the point where all the major events start to occur, such as terror spiders, xenos, and blob. Sure, the station may quickly devolve into chaos, but then you get the question of how all the ghost controlled event characters will also deal with the onslaught of random events. Will the blob overrun the xeno nest? What will the spiders do when they get tangled up in the space vines? Will the Revenant go around EMPing the swarmers? Only one way to find out.

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