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Lumi's Commissions + Requests

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A thread for art I've made that has been requested or commissioned by others! 

Commissions - open

Requests - sketches only

Commission information sheet:


Written out:

Pixel art: $15USD
Painted art: $15USD
Extra character: +50% ($7.50USD)
Background: +$15USD

Icon: $5USD
+$2USD for a simple animation
Emoticon: $5USD
+$2USD for a simple animation

Won't Draw:
- Armour
- Mecha

Message me here for a commission! PayPal only for now.
These details might change in the future. If prices change while you are getting a commission, your price won't be affected.

My Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/iantine

My PayPal: http://paypal.me/lumicomms

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Commission for @Drakeven of a non-spess DnD character! This is a little Paladin Kobold with a BigLorge weasel companion. Here she is being studious under the moon, with an ominous dragon looming overhead. Foreboding!

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I love it!


Great stuff, and so FAST. You're a really good and talented artist. Keep up the good work!

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