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Obscure Heroes

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What's an obscure, not known hero that you like from either the Marvel or DC universe? I have a couple to start -

The Question, as is obvious from my PFP. Guy is a kick-ass conspiracy theorist, and beat one of the few people who can beat Batman consistently - not to mention the fact majority of the time his hunches are correct, one of them being about an alternate dimension where 


Superman kills Lex Luthor when confronted about his cat & mouse with him, needing him for his ego. Lex was the president during this and after gaining files related to this alternate dimension from a hard-disk, the Question confronted both Lex & Superman, the former getting him tortured however.


Shining Knight & Vigilante, both are seen together constantly (at least in JL: Unlimited, haven't seen either in the comics yet), and both are pretty good at what they do. In a fight scene against a suicide squad in JL: Unlimited, both were kicking some serious ass until a robot literally made by the gods had to intervene to save them. Vigilante & Shining Knight are both genuinely honest and good people who have no further motives besides just saving people: Shining Knight is also a Knight literally sent from King Arthur's rule to current time.

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