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Crew Record: Jean Regulier

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Age: 29
Gender: Male

Race: Caucasian.
Place of birth: Mourmellon-le-Grand, Champagne, France, Earth
Height: 185 cm

Blood Type: A+

Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Steel blue
Body markings: None.  
Religious beliefs: Christian, Space Protestant

General Occupational Role(s):
Medical Doctor, all Medical roles
Security Officer, all Security roles

Jean's appreance is vivid, and his posture is notably good - apart from his English, which is, well, you have to bear with it. Happen you to note him aboard the Cyberiad, it is almost certain he is smiling, even during those situtions in which space has happened the most.

* * *








Art by @Norstead





On Jean's papers you find out that he has quite a record for his age. On the other hand, there are only the work and degree records, not much else on ink. Work records doesn't tell much about a person as themselves - they just caricature them to wear uniforms, out of which you have to guess what is moving inside their head by why they have liked that and that kind of work.

Well, concerning Jean, the grey, bulk, NanoTransen-marked crew record folder you are now holding on your hands does draw Jean in a number of different jobs. Opening it, you see four smaller folders inside it, sorted by date issued.

The first one is an university degree. Text is French Common by language: Jean had attended the theological faculty of the university of Paris, by years 2552-2554, achieving the degree of licence on Space Protestant theology. You notice, though, that the university seal on the degree certificate looks bit odd... printed? However, rumors say that Jean could, if initiaded, talk about all the cool grammar issues of ancient Latin, Greek and Hebrew, along with space Protestant theology, until the poor boy to initiate that gets a violent SSD attack. So for your cortical health, better not to be asking him the details of his theological studies.

The next document - few papers on a plastic sheet - states: Legion d'Etrangere d'Espace. So Jean was a legionnaire. If you check his appreance another time, he is not only a smiling being, he does have a certain posture aswell. That's what you get with full five-year contract with the kepi-blanc. Yes, they use those even in space marine service, if the caporal-chef is up for it; attached to their EVA head gear. If the chef's not, then only the standard-issue green beret is required, in all circumstancies. Sure it was here, where Jean learned the habit to call all his superiors "chef", for the annoyance of those Galactic Common speakers who are not so into the art of making food.

Jean's final rank in the Legion was the caporal-chef. So says the 'carte d'identite militaire' as attached. The service record adds that he had specialist training aswell. Namely, on transmissions of cavalry branch units, both basic and tactical. "Well that does explain the relative lack of robust, as we are talking here of an ex-legionnaire claimed?", you note to self when reading that. Signals are for nerds. Nerds are for signals. Apparently his service went well, anyway. Off Jean got in 2559. A visible remainder of this phase in Jean's life, besides his firm appreance and chef-talk as mentioned, is his apparent fondness of beret-style headwear.

Then there is the passport. Oui! Standard issue of Space France, dated to 2557, all good-looking and not-suspicious.
Something you note, though, is that the passport is the only actual identifaction document Jean's papers do provide, apart from that military ID. No information on family, relatives, no medical records apart of those by NAS Trurl -based officials, nothing to give away where Jean is actually from and where he had spent his youth, before the legionnaire service. The passport states Jean birth as "France". Jean's NanoTransen mugshot does explicate it as Mourmellon-le-Grand in Champagne. As Jean's favourite philophical quota puts it - "Somebody does piss on you, too" (it was a graffiti above an urinal somewhere back in Earth) - who knows, which parts of all the stories are just nice and honking bullshit?

Fourth small folder, and the last one not issued by NAS Trurl-based NT officials, are two papers in one light-blue vouche. The vouche looks like quite new; it carries the traditional UN symbol and the heading "SOLGOV". The first paper inside there is again a military service record. This time it is from the SolGov Solar Rapid Deployment Force. It states Jean as a junior combat medical officer, with a rank of lieutenant 2nd class. The date Jean got that promotion is just one month before the date of the service was terminated. The another paper may explain this: it is medical doctor's degree, namely a licence on doctoring. Jean was studying medical science at a SolGov-funded program on Earth, this time in Finland, which trained junior medical officers to military units stationed to outer Solar space. Apparently Jean was not satisfied on the terms of SolGov military service, as he had exit the Force before really being in the service.

So here we come to the last record to mention: Crew Record, NanoTransen, Epsilon Eridani Sector. Namely, the catalog of this crew record folder as whole. Guess the SolGov officials was not that happy of Jean leaving the medical officer service so quick, guess there is something not so honky on Jean's personal life, guess there is something behind his uncertain origins - now he is here, in this sector, behind Space Jesus' back, anytime ready to be assigned aboard the main Nanotransen scientific asset on the area, the NSS Cyberiad.

In the crew record catalogue you can find a number of shift assigment orders from hands of few Cyberiad Heads of Personnel. That indicates that Jean has been working quite nerdlike since he had arrived to the sector. Not that long ago, you note, too. According to these, all offices of the Medical and Security department had been held by Jean for several times. Even he managed to survive the Gateway! Well, only one serious assigment this says, could be just luck... and oh, what is this fancy-coloured paper with smileys on it? "NAS Trurl G7: Crew Welfare Command Assigment, Employee: 'Le Honk'..." oh, there is a stamp of SECRET visible on the edge, better not to be issued with this!"



Commendations [only to be added by admin]:



Reprimands [only to be added by admin]:



Other Notes:
- Ze French-way broken Galactic common Jean speaks has the frequent ze-sounds from the back of mouth, contrary to the German style of the cutting "Z" from the teeth. Imagine an all-drunk French gentleman saying "send", zsend. Yet, if you try Jean with the French Common, that may lead you to some questions concerning his said background. All around you could still say, that at least he acts like a French, loves the French like a French, and eat baguette, nutella and couscous royale just like a French.

- Jean has picked up a habit of smoking Robust during his service in the Cyberiad. Doesn't it tell bit of him being jealous of those hard-robust dudes Jean has met (and the obvious results of those meetings)?

- Happy to be friendly for everyone, Jean especially loves to do his work in co-operation with others.
The favourite Cyberiad-based war story he recites by the bar-desk of the "Harmbaton", concerns one of his first assigments of Detective, having a Vox mime called Voidling as his companion. It is hard to decide, which part of that story is the most exaggeriting one: Jean not being a nerd, but robust, a mime being a Vox and a member of the Security, or the uncertain but big number of Syndicate space punks the dynamic duo were to reveal for the greater praise of Nanotransen?


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Add art by Norstead (thank you!)
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Hope he won’t haunt you. Well that is for my 1337 gimp skills, as I actually drew that one night with pencil, then tried to give him some colors digitally. He’s rather gothic on second look, could try later on to make it less... yeah.

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Aside from that you are madly creative, I am about as creative as offbrand cereal boxes so mad respect. 

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11 hours ago, Eraukon said:


Aside from that you are madly creative, I am about as creative as offbrand cereal boxes so mad respect.

Oh, yes. So I managed to draw a Finnish face, that's what I tried to, as a part of a story I thought for Jean. For the rest you got to pardon my creativity that's a kind word for nerditry,  thanks, buddy to start drawing without actually knowing how to. I used this as my guide:





EDIT: owl. See you down there.

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