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Autumn Aggley


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           Autumn Aggley

art by capnKitty
Full name: Autumn (Ophelia) Aggley
Age: 26
Gender: Female

Race: Human
Place of birth: Sweden, Earth
Height: 160cm
Blood Type: B-
Hair: Red
Eyes: Dark green
Physique: Small to average
NanoTrasen relation: Very Loyal

Body markings: Tattoo of a dolphin located on her lower back, a tattoo of a small pink heart on her left side tummy, and a big scar on her left wrist. She also has a few piercings, a ring through her right eyebrow, a ring through her upper left ear and a tongue piercing with a diamond.


General Occupational Role(s):
Scientist - Focus on Xenobiology
Research Director
NanoTrasen Representative

Born on earth, with a passion for space since young age; Autumn was meant to end up among the stars. Her father is a former successful Research Director on a NanoTrasen owned station, an honorable member of NT and who is still doing jobs with Central Command, and Autumn always wanted to follow in her fathers footsteps. She and her father are very loyal to NanoTrasen. She has been employed by NanoTrasen since she was 17, but was vowed into the NanoTrasen cooperation from birth. She started out in the medical department but quickly changed path after seeing too many people pass away from her on the surgery table, and focused all her time to become a scientist, just like her father. She fell in love with research, and whenever she is not seen in the library or goofing around with friends, she is doing some solid research - xenobiology is perhaps what she loves to do most when it comes to science. Autumn is an only child who dislike talking about her mother, but is more than happy to share her life story to people that she knows will listen and respect her for it. 

Autumn Aggley is a very positive person. She puts friendships above everything and is always open for new people and to create new bonds. She has an outgoing personality but can come across as a bit bitchy if you don't know her, but she usually means well! Her attitude also sometimes make her come across as naive or self centric. Autumn is quite jealous, possesive and sometimes obsessive. Autumn is the type of person who can hang out in the bar or the library a whole shift just for the sake of conversation and gossip. She is very curious about other people, nosy, is probably a better word. Some people has described her as a devil in disguise. She's terrible at combat and dislike guns and violence greatly. She only ever use a gun if there is an immediate danger or threat to someone she love.

Autumn has a PhD in literature and is very proud of her literature achievements. Shes a member of a CC qualified book club where she takes part in analyzing literature (serious book club, not a cult). Autumn loves books and is known to like literature from old earth authors and she's very passionate about poetry. She also enjoys self-care books, and has huge respect for books on the topics of love and philosophy. If you've lost Autumn and you don't get a reply, go to the library - where she often gets lost in words!

Her best friend and roomate is Sticky Bomb. A few of her friends are Plash, Desmond, Aleister, Lus, Hector, Ordosian, Coline, David F, Alicia, Guthen, Shesi, Kitty, Toby.. among others. She also has a strong (confusing) bond with Mommy, the AI.

Autumn is currently not in a relationship.


                                                                  Autumn_C1.png.0883b443bfb1fb892d9c330282e9d248.pngart by GutTC





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Can't believe more people haven't commented on one of the most famous people on the station.

Autumn is one of my favorite characters to run into! Thank you for rping such an interesting and dramatic character!

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