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dan draws


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Just now, Chronarch said:

Why must everyone here be so good?! Like seriously, even people like Luam are ironic good

Great art @thatdanguy23!

thank youuuuu

i mean i'd hope i'd be somewhat good at it since ive spent half of my life drawing, hahah

if anyone wants anything drawn lemme know beepbeep

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In game picture:



Description: Xann has brown skin with black body markings, vertical antennae and glowing green eyes.  He wears berret all the time and prefers satchel over backpacks, often wears engineering hardsuit. 
PS: Also, the only Kida drawing ((from what I know)) is: that one (made by Dreamy), so I guess Xann looks similarly.

If you need more detailed description ((since you wanted "quite detailed", DM me and I'll edit that post)).


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did sketches of the ones requested (that i have refs of), i'll get to lining and colouring soon

slowly dying from humidity though, good lord i hate summer

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Hello @thatdanguy23 I'm pretty sure your a busy guy (or girl, never trust the internet), and with the already loads of work I see you accumulating, and how fast you're going through it, so I have two things to say, one good job on the work and two, may i ask of you to do my character, Eli Jones? Thank you if you decide yes.



Also, This is what a class in photoshop gives you, it's not worth it. This is trash.



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23 hours ago, Trubus said:

Would love to see Wolf


23 hours ago, Benjaminfallout said:

Can I get something of my Jessica?


23 hours ago, Spartan said:

Try Kaskreyarawkta if you feel like it.


22 hours ago, BottomQuark said:

Can I ask for Xann Zxiax drawing if possible :^)?


21 hours ago, ZN23X said:

Everyone enjoys drawing Tetris Vegan.



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