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Biography - Tony Marsilona


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First Name: Tony

Last Name: Marsilona

Gender: Male

Orientation: Heterosexual

Nicknames/Alias: Mister 'M', The Emerald Rouge, Uncle 'T', M'abhi


Age/D.O.B: July 11th 2476

Place Of Birth: Sol System - Unnamed, Unaffiliated Transit Vessal

Species: Tajaran

Blood Type: AB+

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Affiliation: Marsilona Crime Family

Religious Beliefs: Acolysm


Childhood: Immigrant Sailor

Adulthood: The Bandit King


Detailed Information

Appearance: A 6'7" Tajaran with a chocolate brown coat. Hair is silver and kept long & down the back of the neck /w green eyes. Tail is long with white tip.
Wears a watch; silver. Healed scar just to the right of nose, healed burns on right shoulder, left leg has a blackened scar.
Has a tattoo on neck, just over right shoulder; Marsilona Club. Tattoo on upper right arm; Bleeding heart pierced by a dagger /w scroll reading "Laura".


Character Voice: See Winston - John Wick 2


Personality: Tony is cool, collected. Always willing to sit down and discuss any issue before resorting to violence. Tony is also very analytic, attempting to read people or situations before engaging in either.


Medical Record: Left Arm missing - replaced with a prosthetic, body seems to reject replacement arms, either through surgery or cloning. Likely due to length of time spent with prosthetic replacement. Recorded limp in right leg, no injury seen in scans. Habitual smoker. Hard drinker.


Character Biography

Tony, originally named M'abhi, was born into his family as they were traveling from Ahdomai to the Sol System as a number of his family members were offered positions within Nanotrasen in the area. As an immigrant, Tony's youth was rather uneventful, not too many friends, middle of the road through school. Determined to make a name for himself, Tony enlisted for the Trans-Solar Navy right out of school and was deployed into an expeditionary force. With natural leadership skills, a quick wit, and no-nonsense attitude, Tony quickly gained the recognition he hunted for, rising through the ranks and being hand selected for Loki Squadron a task force for tracking down and securing alien artifacts for study. This prosperity eventually ran out when Tony butt heads with his CO in regards to a civilian in distress. Tony wished to rescue this civilian, where the CO deemed it better to leave him to fend for himself. Upon pushing further, Tony stumbled upon an inside operation, where the artifacts that are "rescued" are instead sold to the highest bidder. To ensure his silence on the issue, Tony's superiors attacked him, and left him for dead. Tony's luck didn't run dry, however, as with assistance from the aforementioned civilian and a handful of fellow sailors loyal to him, Tony managed to recover and blow the entire rogue operation out of the water, while this did result in the loss of his arm, and the Navy discharging him to avoid ramifications, Tony came out of the incident with newfound knowledge, and a new philosophy on loyalty.

Having been estranged from his family for some time, once discharged, Tony didn't have many places to go, however using the connections he gained in service, Tony got himself within the ranks of the Marsilona Crime family, a then up and coming Martian based organization. Here Tony used his skills he learned in the Navy, plus a few he picked up from the streets, Tony was quickly adopted into The Family. After several years of success within the underworld, enjoying the respect and perks that comes with the notoriety, even enjoying a consul seat within the Family. When tragedy struck the family during it's then leader's assassination, Tony took charge, leading the Family into vengance and rebuilding what was lost, because of this, the remaining consul members voted to elect Tony as the newest leader of The Family, passing on to him the name of the Family's founder and the respect it carries; Tony Marsilona.

Today, Tony mainly follows his own pursuits, either for his own benefit for the benefit of The Family. He mainly is working on advances for Bluespace based transit and, as always, finding new blood for The Family.

Family (Not That one)
Ab'jiradh Tavakhirn - Father
Tsrinna - Mother
Laurane Mayflower - Wife [Deceased]
Mercy Haliber - Adoptive Daughter
Valthorne Haliber - Adoptive Step-Son

07/11/2476 - M'abhi is born.
09/21/2476 - Ab'jiradh is hired by Nanotrasen - Cargo Bay Officer: NAB North Cimmeria Central
11/05/2494 - M'abhi enlists in the Trans-Solar Navy
05/21/2495 - M'abhi is deployed with the Orion's Belt Expeditionary Force, Stationed aboard the SSS Maria
07/13/2498 - M'abhi is selected for Loki Company
04/05/2503 - Operation Rubix is reported complete, M'abhi is listed MIA
09/17/2503 - LCDR North is killed by M'abhi. Due to stacking evidence and contraversy against both parties, M'abhi is discretely discharged from duty.
03/20/2505 - M'abhi joins the Marsilona Crime Family
12/22/2508 - M'abhi & associates successfully steal the Grand Mozambique Diamonds. All charges are dropped due to no evidence.
05/13/2510 - M'abhi marries Laurane Mayflower
11/09/2514 - Laurane Mayflower is murdered. A bank robbery crew linked to the murder is found dead the next day.
09/10/2518 - Current leader of The Marsilona Family, Geralt Nambike, is murdered at his daughter's wedding.
10/30/2518 - Marsilonas assault a number of rival organizations over night, leading to the single largest inter-criminal massacre in Martian history.
12/24/2518 - M'abhi is inducted as leader of The Marsilona Family, adopts the name Tony Marsilona
05/05/2525 - Tony Marsilona founds the Martian Commission, drawing rules of engagement between underground organizations, effectively reducing violent Martian crime.
10/03/2527 - The Martian Commission becomes the Solar commission, including organizations operating in Sol territory and more.
05/13/2528 - The Marsilona Family expands beyond Sol Territory under the Stacked Deck Shipping Company name.
08/20/2530 - After multiple violations, The Syndicate is barred from the Solar Commission as per majority vote.
10/13/2530 - A Syndicate cell attacks a Stacked Deck fleet, leading to the Marsilonas declaring the Syndicate an enemy.
02/05/2532 - Tony Marsilona begins business talks with Nanotrasen
03/05/2550 - Marsilonas & The Blackjacks, a smuggling group backed by the Syndicate, engage in a firefight on Commercial Station Kingston, resulting in the station being heavily damaged.
12/24/2560 - Stacked Deck Shipping starts taking contracts from Nanotrasen.


Personal Relationships

Ab'Jiradh & Tsrinna - Respected "Ma and Pa, a shame I couldn't go back.."
Laurana Mayflower - Romantically Involved "..."
Mercy Hablier - Close Friend "Betrayed by those she trusted, I can feel where she's at."
Valthorne Haliber - Close Friend "Maybe he can keep her in line."
Mike Murdock - Friend "He's a good guy, would be great for the Family."
Sollessa Murdock - Friend "I can always appreciate a good foil."
Kitchi Ikamura - Acquaintance "Young upstart. Plenty of potential.."
Slith-Skarr - Friend "Resourceful, reliable, wonder if he's looking for extra work.."
Tetra Vega - Friend "She's headstrong and good with a pod. A good kid, I'd rather keep her out of our business."
Ak'ram - Friend "I am not a kitty.."
Kennard Rose - Acquaintance "I've met worse detectives."

Romantically Involved | Romantic Interest | Admire | Respected | Close Friend | Good Friend | Friend | Acquaintance | Neutral/Unsure | Dislike | Hate | Despise | Death Wish | Fear

Faction Relations

Trans-Solar Federation - Like "Might as well be my third family."
The Alchemist's Counsel - Like "Gotten a few offers from some big names, nothing for sure just yet though.
Nanotrasen - Allied "Nothing better than a legitmate business relationship."
The Marsilona Crime Family/Stacked Deck Shipping Co. - Allied "Family comes first."
The Syndicate - Hate "No honor. No respect."
The Blackjacks - Dislike "Traitorous bastards."
Various Blood Cults - Dislike "Power. Glory. Bloodlust. Men have lost minds over lesser desires."
Shadowling Hivemind - Neutral "I cannot hate what seems like a natural survival instinct. If it interferes with business, however.."
The Changeling Hivemind - Neutral "Yeah, they're monsters, but they're not all terrible."
Wizard Federation - Dislike "Never trust a wizard."
Snake Eye & Other Bounty Hunters - Neutral "Bounty Hunters & Hitmen typically aren't covered by the Commission, for a number of reasons. Doesn't mean they don't have their uses."

Allied | Love | Like | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Enemy


Other Information:

[Image Placeholder]

The Marsilona Family - The Marsilona Crime Family, also known as The Marsilonas or The Emerald Guards, started as a small time Martian racketeering and smuggling operation, originating from crime families immigrating from Earth due to troubled times. While the founders were of Italian heritage, with the group taking in stray members of organizations around Earth, the Family picked up several traits from said organizations. The Marsilonas are well known for their relationship with the public, not resorting to violence unless necessary, and absolutely not targeting anyone not involved in a similar business with said violence. These policies as well as public outreach allowed the Marsilonas more freedom around Martian Law Enforcement, as many street officers were reluctant to interfere with a group that wouldn't cause trouble, and has the support of the same communities they're tasked to protect. This is not to say the Family has a clean record, as many younger members have been caught on the wrong side of a dispute, and have been disciplined, both by the law and the Family, for their actions.

Due to the war-torn climate of the Solar territories, The Marsilonas' smuggling operations typically included firearms and narcotics. Marsilona policy forbids the use of narcotics while 'working' but any down time was not as heavily restricted. After some success, the Marsilonas got into the manufacture of firearms. Preferring quality over quantity and maintaining their friendly face throughout business, Marsilona arms quickly became a favorite between aficionados and mercenaries alike. Marsilona heads tend to carry custom made sidearms as a sign of their status within the family.

Most Marsilona operations are preformed under the freight company "Stacked Deck Shipping". While multiple investigations have been launched within the company, the Marsilonas are sure to hide evidence of their dealings from prying eyes, and any eyes that dig too far and quickly turned astray.

Marsilonas can be identified by their colors, emerald green usually backed by black or white, or their emblem, a stylized playing card club. [See picture above] Depending on the region or public standing of the member, their emblem can vary between size and style. Some prefer large banners, such as decals on starships or patches on jackets, although a popular way of representing the family is through pins or cufflinks, typically made of obsidian and made to shine. High-ranking members are issued these pins that are accented with gold, emerald, or diamonds.

Tony Marsilona, current head of the family, is responsible for the founding of the Martian Commission, a joining of multiple Martian criminal organizations to promote cooperation and non-violence within the underground. While met with cautious reception at first, the Commission and it's rules were soon considered the norm for most criminal organizations on Mars, and then across Solar territories when it became the Solar Commission. The general rules of the Commission are as follows: "In any dispute, no blood is to be spilt. Any family that suffers a personnel loss due to a dispute with another, may respond in kind but no more than what was lost - Any material loss is free game. Any collaboration between members of multiple families must result in a split as even as possible, or a split by an unbiased third-party. If a member is incarcerated during a collaboration, their share is to go towards their freedom, if a member dies during a collaboration, their share is to go to their next of kin, or a designated individual or group that is not within the Commission."

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