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Calling All Guardians!


Attention, Guardians  

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Are you an avid Destiny 2 player? Or mediocre? Or any type of Destiny 2 player? Then the following message is for you.

I am wondering if there would be enough interest to start a Paradise clan for Destiny 2. As a more lone wolf player myself, I wouldn't mind having people to do some end game activities such as the nightfall or raid with me. We would be looking at all platforms, not just exclusive to X or Y. So, if you would be interested in joining a Paradise clan, just vote on the poll or reply, it doesn't too much matter either way. If we get enough interest, I'll drop a link to a clan for people to join.

Happy shooting, Guardians.

Edit: It's here. It's #happening. https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=2608961

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We got ourselves a pretty little banner
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