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  1. two fingers youscrolledceepenoughtoseethiswoworcopied
  2. Ah yes, beautiful negative pressure. You know shits gone wrong when that happens, you also know you're now nailed to the ground for all eternity.
  3. I THOUGHT, I posted this here, but seeing as how I haven't...
  4. If you guys dont stop kyet'ing around and making puns galore, then there's only one place that my fist can end up.
  5. I have an idea, I'm gonna take the best screenshot I have from each section, and post it here. In this order, Atmos - Hot wired TEG approved by a captain. Death - What do you think? Other - Jade being Jade. Roleplay - Eaten alive by Rubi's paper spider army. Science - Five minutes apart, dude realizes that hell foam is actually pretty nice. Security- Gauge decides to fuck up nukies. (and actually manages to kill 2) More coming soon, probably.
  6. > Normal shift as scientist > Teaching baldie grenades > Tell him how to detonate it > "Like this?"
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