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  1. WIP Given Name: Ihhs Clan Name: Louohsi Gender: Female Orientation: Heterosexual Picture Age/D.O.B: 20 Standard Years; November 23rd, 2566 Place Of Birth: Egg Laid - Moghes Born - CбГИГК-08 (Станция биологических и генеалогических исследований в глубоком космосе 08), U.S.S.P. Species: Unathi Blood Type: AB+ Alignment: True Neutral Affiliation: NanoTrasen - Employee SolGov - Citizen N.T. Worker’s Union - Member Moghes - Clan Louohsi Member U.S.S.P. - Resident (Frmr) Religious Beliefs: Childhood: Adulthood: Detailed Information Appearance: Of average height and feminine build, this Unathi has a desaturated complexion offset by her large olive eyes, which seem to take in the world around her with a lax cynicism. Her tail is defaced by a large angular scar near its tip, crossing over its left side at about a forty-five degree angle. By Unathi standards, she could be considered a fine specimen. Character Voice: Ihhs speaks Galactic Common with a slight Space-Russian tint, and has the noticeable tug of a Southern Drawl. Her voice is slightly raspy, and around strangers sounds either deadpan or mildly annoyed. Around those she knows, her voice is more animated and slightly higher-pitched. Personality: Medical Record: Implant: Cybernetic Ears. Character Biography Background: Family: History: Personal Relationships | Romantically Involved | Romantic Interest | Admire | Respected | | Close Friend | Good Friend | Friend | Acquaintance | Neutral/Unsure | Dislike | Hate | Despise | Death Wish | Fear | Faction Relations Allied | Love | Like | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Enemy Other Information
  2. okay here is all the spess-related art i have made since i last posted oh god tachichi!! bethany costello and chikitita!! malla amn’ihcan!! (my character on another server!) a doodle of tachichi and scarlet einholve!! kria with a greytider!! impossible shotgun loading (a m e m e)!! a birthday present for lilly samlich!! a gift for varvari!! aaand a gif of a violet alert gone wrong (on another server!) featuring my character simao isakios, a bit hurt from high pressure and temperature! (mild blood warning!!)
  3. aaaand here is my unathi, ihhs louohsi! special thanks to ozz for helping out with the facial expressions!! <3
  4. my vox tachichi! she may not be able to play on paradise yet but that’s okay!
  5. doodles of ihhs louohsi and ikusus ikekra!
  6. oh god uhhm here we go i guess? finally got convinced to start putting stuff up here!
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