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  1. Let me preface this with the fact that I am very unrobust, only been playing for a couple months. Get clown, change name to Winkus. Winkus is also a vampire, who needs to drink blood, kill a miner, steal station blueprints, and survive. First, I lure the mime into maints, where after only a tiny bit of drinking, I'm walked in on. I play it off, and despite the mime's best efforts, she is ignored. I go into the mafia den near sec to change clothes to hopefully shake suspicion. I clumsily trap my second victim with a banana and zipties, and as I'm drinking a chemist comes along.
  2. True, but it does take some time and luck to get what genes you want. Also, such an item could be made hard to obtain, if it's added as a separate item. Possibly something that could only be used at short or melee range.
  3. Couldn't the same be said with a syringe with lethal toxins or hallucinogens? Of course, it would be powerful, but injecting someone against their will isn't too complicated anyways. In my opinion, this doesn't really change the power of the syringe gun itself, it just gives it more options.
  4. It's not a very big suggestion as far as I'm aware, and I think it makes sense. I was playing a round of Geneticist, got my hands on a syringe gun, and attempted to load in some DNA injectors. I was very disappointed when they couldn't be loaded. Of course, this seems wildly powerful, but the whole point of the syringe gun is to inject people with questionable concoctions in the first place. It could allow a geneticist to quickly arm sec with powers to help fight off antags, or it could also be used by a traitor to discreetly and quickly debilitate someone. Overall, I think it
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