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  1. Might have to take one to a... Chef? Chemist? Probably just a case of blending and analysing and I shall post my results on the off-chance someone else is interested.
  2. Are they just food? Is there anything else in them? I can't seem to find any entry on them in the paradise wiki beyond the fact they're a hacked-available item in food vending machines.
  3. Thanks for the tips! I thought I was just channelling the soul of a grumpy old man today but it's good to know it's happened to others and there is a solution for it.
  4. Today I rage-quit the game for the first time since I started playing. Being a roboticist, build a nice mining Ripley and an Oddey for medical but I had a constant swarm of borgs coming in asking for upgrades. This is usually fine but a couple of them were constantly queuing up their upgrades on the machines while I was trying to use them and I found this incredibly frustrating. Then they'd stand in the corner and constantly point at the machine while chirping that those are the upgrades they wanted. When one was in the queue but red I had to go to the main menu to see what materials were in t
  5. I'm still quite new to the game but I've more-or-less got the hang of robotics. Surgeries are still an obstacle for me through due to different requirements for IPCs, cybernetics and flesh people. Exo-building is a joy though. Nice to be here.
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