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  1. You can't? That's dumb. Like, I can sorta get it with CPR (though I still think it should be possible with masks since chest compressions still are a thing, and CPR would get actual use then), but this just makes no sense.
  2. Ah yes, the 2565 metal foam incident
  3. Woje


    I will beat you
  4. Woje


    Hi! Enjoy the server! Looking forward to seeing you in spess.
  5. The issue is that the kit is the same 4 powers every time used to run around being Funny rather than playing it as intended, and frankly it's not the best for the kinds of objectives they get.
  6. Well the semantics are just relevant here, I specifically avoided the word team because that's a rules thing, and they very clearly aren't a team antag. I'm not being pedantic, just making sure that the point I am making gets across. They have specific game mechanics that encourage cooperation, and those mechanics come into play often despite them not being required to use it (and sometimes using it to fuck each other over, in fact). Changelings do sometimes cooperate, because it's advantageous to do so if their objectives don't collide. It's just not fair for sec to carry around SR to rob them of the opportunity to use the mechanic.
  7. In other words they have a mechanic that allows them to cooperate better, one would say. They sure aren't a team antag though as defined by rules. I agree with what you're saying, though. The problem lies with officers and brig docs skipping proper procedure for efficiency to redtext changelings faster instead of taking the risk they're meant to take by design. Even if changelings turned into headslugs on decap, all that does is effectively just say it's okay to do that and then beat the headslug to a pulp which is done very easily.
  8. Forgot it was that bullshit lmao. Costs 1 point to get, too. Though I guess that's the only really good ability they get.
  9. Yeah, and that occupies those three officers. That's kind of the idea, it's an opportunity cost. If you want to 100% prevent the revival, you need to occupy a silly number of officers for a minute or two. That, and and this is just crematorium visits. Clings that escape, tend to escape before it gets to that point, generally somewhere along the way to the brig. 15 chemicals to get up, 5 to activate speedy legs and it's adios if the officer was not paying attention or kept mindlessly discharging their baton on the corpse.
  10. Yeah as someone with a Drask character I've also wanted to do some sort of cold room with snow sorta like how vox and plasmemes do their special rooms. But like if someone's abusing snow machines that oughta be pretty easy to stop.
  11. There's other festive things than snow that are mapping in during that time, however. Like ornaments. Christmas trees. That kinda stuff.
  12. But Captain, that's three things.
  13. I think it would be cool. Having it tied to real life date is kinda weird, there's reasons to want to have snow somewhere that are in no ways related to a Christian holiday.
  14. Light mode user detected. Doomsday device active.
  15. So do I, but I am considering the average person who needs this guide is nowhere near confident enough to not panic while trying to keep someone stable.
  16. Ah then yeah. I agree and I've said that before, IPCs have no use for an emergency internals box like the others. The fact that they get one is essentially a free bonus so you can help others.
  17. Not entirely sure I understand what you mean by this. Fleshy people easily can and usually do since they got newcrit. But if we're considering a special autoinjector, yeah that wouldn't really work for an IPC.
  18. Actually forgot to refer to this. First of all, revive drops cuffs, so that does quite significantly change the dynamic, because a reviving cling can and will overpower an officer given the chance, if they're the better spaceman. Second of all, being dragged to the cremator gives other clings an opportunity to save you, like the cooperative antag they are. SRing or decapitating clings immediately upon capture cheats them of their entire revive mechanic. The SOP clearly states they are to be cremated, so presumably they are meant to be lifeforms that can regenerate from anything less than that. It feels incredibly gamey to do something else due to game mechanics working like they do. Clings are weak, their abilities generally suck in comparison to the other antags' analogues, and they're meant to make up for that with persistence.
  19. The fact that removing a cling's brain somehow stops its regeneration is pretty weird. On many other servers you do in fact have to cremate them (like you are supposed to here). Feels kinda exploity that you can just decap, especially with some officers LITERALLY CARRYING CIRCULAR SAWS OR SR PILLS.
  20. Mhm! I wish that was something that players and admins alike paid more attention to. Because as everything that we let gamers exploit, it is something I keep seeing more and more often. And it sucks, because it really is just a play to win mentality. And I say this as someone with crew antag off most of the time.
  21. I don't even understand why that's acceptable. A lot of sec players nowadays don't even bother morguing, they keep everyone in execution just in case. It's becoming meta. There is literally never a case to do this, even if medbay has been proven to revive antags that round, because you can simply destroy EoC bodies via the crematorium, which is both more permanent, and actually makes sense ICly. And preventing revival with more than a DNR tag when such a thing isn't even proven yet fits the definition of powergaming like a glove as provided by the advanced rules - "Playing to “win” should not be done with the exclusion of all other considerations". So I really don't want security to get basically an ok to do this in the form of brig doc having morgue trays.
  22. Woje


    Presumably they have a cooldown, and most of these storage areas contain mostly multiples of the same object, and basic objects probably would be worth almost nothing, also it'd be super obvious and immediately get sec on your ass. Though I do wonder still what Coca has to say about it.
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