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  1. Since ERT can't have combat mode, can they at least get a choice between spawning with the amber/red armor instead of having to choose between an agonizing slowdown on their hardsuit which will leave them screaming at science for red slime potions or no armor at all? No idea on coding difficulty but it would basically be like this Amber - Amber armor only Red - Choice between amber armor or red hardsuit Gamma - Choice between amber armor or gamma hardsuit I don't really know if gamma should get the option or not since all the benefits of their suit kind of outweigh the penalty of the slowdown but then again speed is the deciding factor in combat a lot of the time, feel free to add criticism or ideas.
  2. dunno how hard this is to code but would be cool if we had a feature where if you neckgrabbed someone they would get hit by any projectiles fired in the direction they're facing as long as they're upright just came up with this idea on the discord and thought it was cool enough to put it on the forums
  3. https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/8299
  4. [NT ALERT: FILE MAY BE OUTDATED.] Name: R.I.C.O. Status: Missing Positronic Brain Age: 17 Years Chassis Age: <1 Year Gender: Genderless Race: Integrated Positronic Chassis (IPC) Blood Type: N/A General Occupational Role(s): Assistant Biography: Subject is unwilling to share details before working at Nanotrasen. Subject was convinced to sign the NT employment contract on February 4, 2560 while intoxicated. Subject stationed on NSS Redemption on April 15, 2560. Subject transferred to NSS Cyberiad, 2563. Subject went missing during exploring space near NSS Cyberiad, personality data wiped from the NAS Trurl database a week after via unknown source. 2563. Qualifications: Security Qualifications: Space Law: A- Coordination: B Arresting: B+ Processing: B- Brigging: B+ Engineering Qualifications: Atmospherics: B- Firefighting: A Construction: B Breach Sealing: A Science Qualifications: Toxins: B+ Xenobiology: D Chemistry: B+ Robotics: C R&D: B Genetics: F Medical Qualifications: Basic First-Aid: A- Advanced First-Aid: B Diagnosis: B+ Surgery: A Cloning: A- Combat Qualifications: Hand to Hand Combat: B+ Firearms Handling: A Marksmanship: B- Miscellaneous Qualifications: Botany: C+ Cleaning: B+ Command: C+ Employment Records: N/A CLEARANCE: SECURITY CLEARANCE: MEDICAL Personnel Photo: N/A Personality: N/A Appearance: 5'4 IPC, Morpheus Cybernetics dark-red colored chassis with backwards-facing antennae and the monitor screen known as goggles. Often wears a winter coat paired with a bee mask, jackboots, sunglasses, and a tacticool turtleneck.
  5. as much of a nerd as he is unrobust jokes aside, this is pretty good i likey
  6. As far as I know, ERT uses the default uniforms for each station department, unless there was a PR which I don't know about to add them in.
  7. I think it would be nice if ERT had their own uniforms varying on the role with similar coloration to the hardsuits/armor, for example it being mostly grey/black and having a militaristic vibe to it such as having digital camo like the blueshield uniform or tactical turtleneck. Engineering would have yellow details on their uniform, security having red, medical having white, commander having blue, and janitor having purple. Maybe with some included protection also, about the same or slightly higher protection values compared to the standard security uniform. The ERT having the same uniforms as the crew just seems kind of out-of-place IMO, so I think them having their own unique uniforms would help with identification. Another optional detail that I think would be pretty cool is having the name and rank of the ERT member it's spawned on in the description. I dont know if it's possible/hard to code but would probably be a good addition to the uniform. Maybe I'm asking for a bit too much, but if someone can do it, that would be amazing.
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