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  1. This is more or less why I think this would be a good thing. Realism does not always mean better. There is a ton of places in Paradise where overlooking reality makes the overall enjoyment better, or where things would not make sense if you took them realistically. Two things that stand out are 1. Comms. There is no logical explanation for how comms work. You know who is talking, and what their job is. Its part of suspension disbelief. If comms were treated as realistic, things would be very boring, or even just outright confusing. Comms add fun to the round. 2. Being able to examine someone and seeing they're starving to death, merely because they have not eaten in a few hours. Its minor, but it fits with the music notes. You should not be able to see or notice these things, but they are there anyway because realism is not always the correct way to do things. Adding them back would not make things any more or less cartoony or unrealistic. Also, I am pleasantly surprised how much attention this thread has gotten so far. I'm glad I was not the only one who missed this feature.
  2. TL:DR: re-add the toggle music notes button to headphones, so they don't have to be used as only an instrument, positive & beneficial change for immersion reasons without negatively affecting anyone. So, headphones used to just be an accessory, where you hit a button and it toggled the visible music notes around your character. At some point it got changed to an instrument, where you copy and paste the music pattern, like any other instrument. Now, I can maybe understand the reason for this, but I am going to go out on a limb and say I never see anyone really using the headphones aside from myself, and that going back to the original would probably not affect too many people. I would not be surprised if it was arbitrarily added because TG code had this functionality just to match with them. I initially was going to ask to revert the headphones back to their old function of just a toggle button, and then Charlie pointed out that the option to toggle could just be added in addition to the instrument function. I know this seems a minor change that will have no big impact, but I think it would be helpful for cultivating a more real and immersive experience for some people without inhibiting anyone else. I usually used the music notes when listening to music irl, and had it more or less as if my character was listening to that music. It also opened up conversations where people asked what my character was listening to IC, and led to some nice IC chats about music. I would not be surprised if more people used it for this reason if it were to be re-added.
  3. @CourierAsy @Woje @punkalope @JackoMallows
  4. Y'all drip posting without me? Shame Here's some random things I have saved Anton's standard outfit. Posh, but still okay in chill moments. Starring Jacob Bartender, Camo pants, raggedy band t-shirt and armor. Also bandana with a badass skujj on it. Mechanic is a good way to find drip; this is a chameleon jumpsuit made to look like A TSF General suit, under armor. I have a lot of miner outfits I love, here's an older one. Complete with pet Goliath Flower pin is underused and totally acceptable for men and dont let anyone tell you otherwise Dunno about this one, but a sword makes everything look cooler. Sec drip, nothing else need be said My only gripe with the white captain suit is that you cant armor holster guns in it like the other captain exosuits. Still snazzy. Pretend operative Mantle > Labcoat. Fight me Very based photo that made it to the front page of ss13 >>>>reddit Magistrate attire, and straightened hair which everyone hated.
  5. Big shoutout to Woj and Heather for being incredible writers and compelling me to finally get this done. First Name: Anton Last Name: Fasani Gender: Male Orientation: Straight Nicknames/Alias: Often called Fasani, called Anty by a couple close female friends. Picture: https://imgur.com/t/ss13/XWxivq3 Age: 28 Species: Human Blood Type: B- Place of Birth: Unregistered, privately owned asteroid mining outpost formerly located in SolGov frontier space. Location currently unknown. Alignment: Various, mostly Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral. Generally cares for others, more than willing to put themselves in harm's way for a stranger. Countered by occasional selfishness, and is not adverse to circumventing law to achieve what he feels is the greater good, or simply something he desires at that moment. Affiliation: 
Nanotrasen: Employee
 (various positions and accreditations) Falco Designs: Associate and “Procurement Specialist”

 Religious Beliefs: Believes in a higher power, but is not “spiritual”

 Childhood: I'm rolling this into history. Adulthood: I'm rolling this into history as well. Detailed Information Appearance: Character Voice: Anton speaks calmly, and has an air of coolness about him. He sounds more or less what you would expect a Californian surfer dude to sound like but in terms of mannerisms and tone of voice, less in West Coast accent. Personality: Medical Records: 
 Employment Records: Security Records: Character Biography Background: Included in History. Family: History: (I am not including all of Anton’s history, as some plot points of his life are ongoing and if you really want to know about him, you should find him and get to know him :)))


(If I forgot you I’m SO SO SORRY there is a lot of people I love to hang around please let me know, this list will likely be edited with time) Faction Relations: Allied | Love | Like | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Enemy 
Miscellaneous Information:

 Favorite drinks: 
As a bartender, Anton enjoys numerous drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, but has specific drinks he prefers on a situational basis:

 Bahama Mama: For the end of a shift, or for a shift where things have hit the fan and he needs to feel grounded.

 Gin Fizz: Standard on-shift drink. Refreshing, and gets the job done. Milkshake: For on-shift jobs that require sobriety (not many) Irish coffee in a flask: Detective shifts. Coffee with cream/sugar in a mug: Security shifts. Favorite Food: 
Anton’s culinary prowess has allowed him to have a varied palette of tastes, but his rough upbringing continues to be reflected in his preference for greasy bar foods. His favorite meals are two of his specialty dishes; Bacon Mac & Cheese Personal Pizza, and for dessert his Deep-Fried Plump Pie. If there is anything you feel is missing PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!
  6. Im going to find a way to casually slip this into conversation, its canon as far as im concerned.
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