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  1. If you become a chicken, don't forget to take commander clucky out on a date !
  2. One thing to be considered, too, is that the bluespace plants are not actually the problem here, but their bluespace activity trait. Labelling them as weapon when they could very well be used and harvested and carried without that trait (or you could just put said trait into another plant) could lead to other disagreements and issues. I agree with Quark and Matt that what matters the most is the context within which they're used, as it can be pretty broad, and space law/sop covers most of it.
  3. Besides delamming the engine which defo is a rule break, I think slimes reaaaaaaaallly need a nerf to deal with the mass murdering. Some form of objectives/ROA would be nice too, cuz there's a definitive difference between seeking to feed and unga murderhobbo everything in sight, but if you can somewhat deal with one alone that should be enough to incentivize more careful stealth/ambush gameplay, rather than "I pop out of vent, my first hit stuns you for ten minutes and breaks five bones in your body, even if you can react I can easily tank 2-3 extinguishers and dip."
  4. Bro how did I never know you can put ERT armor in backpack my god
  5. Other codebases have ways for changelings to tell/track other changelings and that's something I'd love for us to have, as I do agree antag v antag gameplay is some of the most interesting there is but trying to find a disguised cling can be nigh impossible. Remember there's already a cling discussion thread opened, feel free to add to the discussion there if you have some ideas on how to improve changelings !
  6. It's that time of the year folks, wish you all the best !
  7. In concept, not a bad idea - If you could find ways/ideas to involve and reward more than one crew per item, and avoid self antagging things like the .357 as mentionned prior, it could be a solid addition. Think of the asceiplus rod for the kind of rewards that, imo, would be more fitting. Absolutely love the no-slip one, though, KEEP RUNNING AND NOBODY EXPL- loses their feet??
  8. Could have as a pre-requisite that the person needs to have been blessed by you prior in the shift, so either you have to go through a full blessing + healing cast, or you would've had to have gone to visit the chaplain earlier for his benediction so that they can heal you through faith faster.
  9. I've already spoken about this on another post asking about hiero re-introduction, as well as a quick PR I made about it. If hiero was to be reintroduced, I still think It'd need a major nerf on its crusher trophy ability. The wall stays up for about seven seconds, letting you completely box megafauna in and kill them without much trouble. The Drake's breath going through it would be a good addition to that. Alternatively, if the wall had a max HP, and would break after taking a certain amount of punishment, that could be alright, too.
  10. I've only had the chance to try hemo and garg, one shift each really and here's a couple of my thoughts : I think the general raise in need for blood is alright, especially seeing the powers that come with it, and you definitely do not need to kill all the people you feed of. I managed to get 800 units of blood in thirty minutes without killing anyone. My only problem with it is the possibility of spending upwards of an hour getting all that blood and possibly getting holy watered for 300u blood loss per syringe just before reaching full power and getting detroyed with that. Syringe guns have been problematic for a while but that's another discussion entirely - maybe diminishing the power of holy water (Or making it scale so that it's less and less effective until it's not at all at full power) could help, but I know some people would rather vampires were never even immune to it, so I don't know what the right path for that is. I term of abilities, overall, I think all new vampires are much, MUCH more fun to play and fight than the previous iteration, I just have a few criticism concerning the two that I've played : Garg : - I'll admit that overwhelming force is a bit lacking (Call it underwhelming force). Could maybe open bolted doors at a much higher blood cost ? Like 20-30? Since Gargs don't have much jaunt power and are more about plain physical mobility, it could help with bolting AIs/borgs, or reach bunkered targets easier while still being fair due to the high cost/blood requirements. - Grug smash needs to lock you into it. It's extremely tedious to make sure to stop before using it mid-fight, and very frustrating to cancel by mistake. Would be a major QOL. It could use a little bit of a tell, too, and I remember you saying it was basically throwing yourself at a turf - so I think it could be neat to have the thrown spin animation while you're mid-air ! Hemo : Haven't had the chance to try the full power ability so I won't be able to comment on that much. - Blood eruption either needs a tell and delay, or it needs to be tuned down or converted to burn damage to avoid too much internal damage at the push of a button - but it might need both. It might get a bit better as people learn to avoid exposing themselves too much (and we haven't seen hemo vampires with synthflesh sprays/adv release grenades yet), but it only takes you stepping on blood once, one mistake, to take a ton of damage and the potential of ib/broken bones. Sure, the price is steep, but it doesn't really matter if it pretty much guarantees you a victory 90% of times it's used - or if you're using it in spite just before dying to give internal damage to potentially literally ALL of security or something, which isn't really fun, and you generally run the risk of a lot of unwanted collateral damage, too. Maybe it could be turned into an area denial kind of thing - It could still deal brute damage with the potential of IB/broken bones - but instead of dealing instantaneous damage, it could do damage over time (Or maybe damage when people move ?) as the blood on the floor turns jagged or something - This way even if it's used in a civilian populated area it's not gonna flat out crunch 10+ people, and it could still serve as a powerful damaging ability when fighting sec if they need to push you through blood. This'd require a major overhaul to the entire spell, though, so it might be a little too far fetched. I'll admit it is THE most satisfying spell to use in the game, though. Crunch. - Blood claws seem pretty alright, the attack speed buff means it really can only be used at peak efficiency on downed targets, but downed targets are dead meat regardless, so it's actually pretty balanced in that aspect imho. And - thank you for your hard work bringing us to a new era of vampire gaming !
  11. Literally just remove/nerf leg sweep please. There was a PR to nerf it heavily, but it was just closed because no head/maint cared to comment on it, which is kind of a shame.
  12. C-can we talk about the human sized fork ?
  13. New sprites will always feel odd and out of place when newly implemented - but in a month nobody will notice anymore. Remember the old toolbox ? I don't. Besides when everything'll be done, it'll be much more natural - and quite a few of those new sprites look really awesome, Imo ! My only gripe is the sprites that are the straight downgrades from what we had - the recharger for example, which now feel even more 2d than the nice perspective'd one that we had, and that's a shame.
  14. I'm so super late to the party - but I wanna say this : I was really happy about being able to craft cones at first - but it very quickly faded to it just not being special anymore. Just something to keep in mind - if you have a cool project, and a snow machine would fit it well - don't be afraid to try and pray for it !
  15. I love this. I can totally picture the drone existential crisis in maintenance as it struggles to understand what being free means.. I guess it also means you're free to ponder about it until you're a pile of broken components ! I do suppose according to your laws it means you could've done absolutely anything (within server rules), up to you to express your drone personality within those short lived minutes of freedom !
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