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  1. They have to be discovered to have their special tech levels
  2. I think it'd be good to mention strange objects, too : Any strange object can have tech levels from 1 (or 2?) to 5, meaning that you should absolutely discover all the ones brought to rnd, check their tech levels, and you might get a couple of free 6s after you reached all fives.
  3. chameleon stamped for all access, was bringing the gibtonte to evidence when the second announcement came through.. gave me a good laugh :D
  4. Changelings can very much regrow limbs by transforming right now (either to another race, or potentially any transforms will do it, not 100% on the specifics, but transforming to another race will FOR SURE regrow all your limbs). I don't think it's by design, though, there's a lot of issues with transforming to another race in general.. and as much as some of the other issues are more like exploits that are not allowed, if you were to use this ability it'd HAVE to restrict your transformations until these issues are fixed.
  5. Context : Omega weed is, by far, the most insane plant botany has access to : Not only does it have a whole slew of otherwize hard to get chemical, but it also has a snowflakey volume count for no other reason than to fit said chems, and the memes (volume = 420). This enables the creation of very potent stimulant mixes, as well as an absurd amount of chem stacking that really shouldn't be possible. In a world where stuns and chem stacking are king, this plant alone elevates botany to a whole other level. And all of this is accessible with as little as a cannabis seed, a bit of unsta
  6. What if addictions worked like amanitin : takes in consideration how many cycle the chem was present in the body, and applies addictions in relation to that. You were on meth for thirty minutes straight ? as soon as the chems leave your body you're hit by it. You drank a cup of coffee or had a smoke shiftsart ? Maybe in ten minutes you'll feel like you'll get the craving again. Rewards you from pacing yourself and makes a lot more sense compared to IRL addictions. Having more defined addiction tiers that could be capped depending on how much you consume could complement that pretty
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