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  1. Just as a follow-up, I've been hitting up code strings to get an idea for how this might be coded. I've found at least one example on how to implement this that might be useful. So, for one, there's this one i've found in tgstation's github (Full disclosure. If it's not okay to raid other places for code, feel free to slap me for it.) However, this one, as i read it if correct, is entirely random. I know not how it's DONE, but it should be possible to make it a weighted chance - with a random chance for if(fat), and a smaller chance for non-fats. If you REALLY wanted to mess around
  2. Name: Adam Lev Cohen Age: 28 Gender: Male Race: Human Blood Type: B+ General Occupational Role(s): Miner, Security Officer, Chemist. Biography: Born on September 18th, 2535 on New Aviv to a family of Jewish colonists, Adam Lev Cohen spent his early life going through the educational system - he mainly excelled at chemistry and physical arts. His family did not have the funds to pay for a private education required for chemistry, he joined the Trans Solar Army at 19 years old, after a year of unsuccessfully applying for scholarships. Cohen was assigned
  3. "Boom. We had to be sure" - Central Command, after nuking the station after it already self-nuked.
  4. Just like it says on the bottle. Post excellent, funny, or ridiculous quotes from the server here. I'll kick us off with a good one from today. "Kill the fucking monkey." -Dork.AI
  5. Pootass


    Just wanted to poke my head in here. I've played variably as Adam Cohen and Jessica DeGuovo on the station. Love the atmosphere on the server and can't wait for more to come.
  6. So, having played a bit on the station, I tried out the Obesity disability a decent amount. And I have to say, while it's annoying to move at such a crawl, for more sedentary jobs the Obesity disability really isn't too much of a problem, especially with not having to eat as much. I think it should be more of a genuine trade-off with more interaction with it and medical. so here's my suggestion. Obesity, on top of making you slower, should increase your heart rate. I'm thinking somewhere north of 80. On top of that, there ought to be a ticking malus for being obese - sugar makes you diabe
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