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  1. would kikeri like to live inside a yellow submarine in a fish bowl space ship?
  2. I agree with this. >use your voksey tinkering skills to tune the radio to play voks opera!
  3. This guy using a full sized crowbar to show his robustness.
  4. Just stayed long enough on the stream thing whatever, to hear you talk about this. Regarding it, I would think it would be a great idea!
  5. Why is Kikeri always wearing that witch's hat?
  6. Now, many of you may not know. But the infamous esword's E actually stands for eggnog. Here is why: as you see the image attached has arrows of different colours. Now please turn you text books to page 792 and have a look at the red orb, that's jelly or Jello, the nuclear version that explodes with the heat and power of 700 suns: the pink lines are normal plasma and the purple is hot plasma. They go through the jelly and get heated to a insane temperature (turn your text books to page 605 for more details). Then because of the gas expanding due to heat they go up a one way pipe into a eggnog reactor. They move beside the eggnog in the plasma pipes and heat it up. Now this is a fact not many know, but eggnog can be heated infinitely, this causes the eggnog to spiral and make many mini spirals, why? Because bluespace, when the eggnog and plasma go up further they get compressed in the mixing chamber, and when they both are forced out and get exposed to air, they react to make sharp hard light (see page 145), causing a esword blade to form. Now that is how the esword works, and why eggnog is in its name, next time you murder someone with your favorite esword, remember what I said here and be scarred for life. Also remember to read this on Christmas and Christmas eve for extra effect. (I also regret writing this but it is great entertainment.)
  7. Henk is when you didn't pass clown collage and decided to perform as a illegal clown that is not certified.
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