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  1. 1. CMO 2-5. {"type":"/mob/living/carbon/human","icon":null,"name":"Jade Burnwood","limbs":{"chest":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/chest","dir":4,"icon":""},"groin":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/groin","dir":4,"icon":""},"head":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/head","dir":4,"icon":""},"l_arm":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/arm","dir":4,"icon":""},"r_arm":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/arm/right","dir":4,"icon":""},"l_leg":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/leg","dir":4,"icon":""},"r_leg":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/leg/right","dir":4,"icon":""},"l_hand":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/hand","dir":4,"icon":""},"r_hand":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/hand/right","dir":4,"icon":""},"l_foot":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/foot","dir":4,"icon":""},"r_foot":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/foot/right","dir":4,"icon":""}},"iorgans":{"heart":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/heart"},"lungs":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/lungs"},"liver":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/liver"},"kidneys":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/kidneys"},"brain":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/brain"},"appendix":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/appendix"},"eyeballs":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/eyes"},"ears":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/ears"}},"equip":[{"type":"/obj/item/storage/backpack/satchel_med","content":[],"slots":21,"max_w_class":3,"max_c_w_class":21},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/mask/surgical"},null,null,null,null,null,{"type":"/obj/item/radio/headset/heads/cmo"},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/glasses/hud/health/sunglasses"},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/gloves/color/latex/nitrile"},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/head/beret/med"},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/shoes/brown"},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/suit/storage/labcoat/cmo","pockets":{"type":"/obj/item/storage/internal","name":"chief medical officer's labcoat","content":[],"slots":2,"max_w_class":2,"max_c_w_class":4}},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/under/rank/chief_medical_officer/skirt"},null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null,null],"dna":{"UE":"5ddb896addea644f61a54a5d1e85c0af","SE":[953,392,837,693,213,904,867,679,284,1022,542,290,717,183,677,19,158,498,781,421,252,71,282,993,983,338,145,982,957,580,677,307,640,491,41,978,146,695,414,770,168,91,486,838,863,1006,626,1002,874,953,372,338,136,646,139],"UI":[449,224,16,16,16,16,16,16,16,16,16,16,465,16,16,16,16,16,16,16,16,16,16,16,16,16,16,16,16,1637,16,1200,68,1914,78,3110,3110,3110],"species":"/datum/species/human","blood_type":"A+","real_name":"Jade Burnwood"},"age":25,"ushirt":"Black Shirt","socks":"Thigh-high Black","uwear":"Ladies Black"} Looking forward to the result, best of luck!
  2. Time for a stupid thing called Jadecember, will try making one sketch every day of December.
  3. En Avant ! (Forwards !) with @rapaskoti
  4. Aleister Dorkwood (@Chapitito)
  5. Hello yes, I've never been an artsy person but I started drawing back in August and I finally feel like I have stuff I can share, now and hopefully in the future
  6. Cargo Jade is for when she wants to kick back and relax.
  7. I'm working on a replacement for the current chat UI that should allow optimize some things, including when you get a ton of messages at once
  8. Left to right, top to bottom: The original, feared by many, known as Jade Styles. Multi-purpose outfit, NVGs and silenced Stechkin for night operations. A departure from her typical pants-featuring outfits, CMO Jade Burnwood wears a skirt and black leg wear. Head of Security Jade is as mind boggling (considering her tumultuous history) as she is terrifying. Kevlar lined jacket and beret are a must. We may have a Small Issue. Jade's new general outfit. Slightly less suspicious but definitely more classy. Nurse Jade from her medical school days. Officer Jade would rather sit back and relax, occasionally tackling one or truants down, but sometimes harsher measures have to be taken.
  9. This would be a very interesting project! I'd be cool with taking it up, at least the technical side, and I'd definitely appreciate the help of spriters and players who'd like to chime in with ideas! cue the ability to flip the board on the other player's face
  10. "JADE BAD" but in real life? I'd probably end up the target of a manhunt and I'm not robust IRL so... ded
  11. IMO, sleepers should be made to actually slow down a person's biological function, like bleeding, reagent processing and such. Right now they are just glorified, infinite chem dispensers. That way, they would be a valuable tool to provide a buffer while the more urgent cases are treated. We have Heparin, but it's seldom used and pretty much a noob trap. In fact in code I believe all it does is treat crit. The defib timer is fine IMO. Only thing I'd change regarding it is that I would make CPR extend the defib timer, that way someone can keep someone from perma-death until help arrives. While not entirely obvious, copious amounts of Synthflesh can be used (and that since a few months) to dehusk a body. I agree, it's very clunky to have to remove the dead organ in order to fix it. I believe the Organ Manipulation surgery allows you to drip Mitocholide onto organs, but has otherwise no effect on dead organs. Could probably very easily make it so they get fixed without having to excise them. Not sure how I feel about this. While most species have a "monkey" version that can be evolved from through genetics, species like Vox or Slime People are kinda screwed in that regard and the removal of SM made it worse. I'd personally like gibbing and such to stay. Hard disagree. I would definitely not miss Strange Reagent if it was removed out of the game. It is such a wildcard, poorly designed reagent that makes death trivial alongside cloning. One should accept that this is a game and that dying (and not coming back) is part of it. Don't have much to say about Rezadone. Formaldehyde makes more sense for corpse conservation than keeping someone away from perma-death, but that's just me. See what I suggested about CPR extending the timer. Not just the sleeper. Charcoal, Calomel and Pentetic Acid also work fine for that role. That being said, I think it would be cool to have a portable dialysis machine that would take an IV bag instead of beaker. Like dialysis, blood and reagents would get sucked out of the person's body, the reagents moved into the IV bag and the blood reinjected into the person directly, as opposed to the sleeper's dialysis which doesn't reinject the blood back (in my experience, dialysis beakers are just splashed on the floor for convenience) Agree, pre-scanning (and cloning in general) is problematic but the removal of that and SR would have consequences on how Medical plays out in the hands of both competent and new players.
  12. Name: Jade Helene Burnwood (née Styles) Age: 25 Gender: Female Race: Human Blood Type: A+ General Occupational Role(s): Physician Researcher Biography: Jade was born July 14, 2540 in Port-Royal Inc. administrated Luna from Marcus Styles (2511-2557) and Amelia Styles (née Winters; 2519-2557). Her sole sibling was Amber Styles (2547-2556). While she was initially jealous of her younger sister, Jade progressively warmed up to Amber. At age 6, Amber was diagonised with a rare terminal illness of neurological nature, which devastated the Styles family. Amber died of her disease the following year, which deeply affected Jade, developing depressive symptoms. In 2557, one year after Amber's death, Jade's parents were killed in the botched hijacking of a Port-Royal Inc. owned transport shuttle, which ended in the destruction of the vessel and all of its occupants. While the cause of the explosion remains unclear, Jade, overwhelmed by the death of all her family members and looking for someone to blame, believed Nanotrasen was behind the incident's bloody end. Overcoming her grief, Jade graduated from the Rochereau Medical School, Luna in 2561 and worked as a Nurse in various establishments. External actors noticed Jade's resentment for Nanotrasen and she was offered paramilitary training, including hand-to-hand combat, close-quarters combat and battlefield medicine. From that point on she developed an affinity for gunpowder, WW3-era weaponry and holds a personal, albeit illegal collection. In perhaps misguided hopes of finding the truth behind the death of her parents, Jade joined Nanotrasen in 2562 as a licensed physician and researcher. While working there she met Aleister Burnwood and married him in 2564, now living together in an apartment on Earth. Qualifications: Jade graduated from the Rochereau Medical School with honors. She formally passed the Nanotrasen-standard MD-1, MD-2-R and MD-3 medical tests (respectively for Nurse, Researcher-Physician and Chief Medical Officer). Her combat skills have not been formally assessed, but physical examination points to a rigorous training regimen on par with the one the upper echelon of Nanotrasen's elite force go through (CB-X). Employment Records: 2562 - present: Nanotrasen (Physician, Researcher) 2561 - 2562: Luxembourg Hospital, Luna (Licensed Nurse) 2559 - 2561: DuFleur Clinic, Luna (Nurse Intern) 2557 - 2558: Youkai Sushi, Luna (Apprentice Chef) NOTES: There are unverified reports that Jade has worked with foreign actors in operations of sabotage, kidnapping and potentially murder. Security Records: THREAT ASSESSMENT: VERY HIGH - Do not engage alone. - Deploy tactical equipment (flashbang, tear gas, bola) as much as possible. - Jade is extremely agile owing to her small frame and may prove difficult to catch. - After a home search, a considerable weapons cache was found. The weapons were ballistic in nature and fairly rudimentary, dating from the 21st century. Assume her to be armed and dangerous. NOTES: Jade is believed to have received paramilitary training, including hand-to-hand combat as well as close-quarters combat. Medical Records: HEIGHT: 160cm / 5'2" WEIGHT: 55kg / 121 lbs EYE COLOUR: dark green PHYSICAL STATE: Jade is in excellent shape with no particular conditions whatsoever. PSYCHOLOGICAL STATE: Moderate depressive and anxiety symptoms, for which Jade is receiving regular therapy. Personnel Photo (Appearance text): A brown haired, over-the-shoulder ponytail wearing woman of short stature and slender build, she looks to be about 158cm tall. Her face is round and her eyes green, showing a fierce and focused gaze that starkly contrast with the her soft voice and small frame. She appears younger than she is, and seems like the type that doesn't like to be mistaken for a child. She often looks around her and reacts to the slightest noise. Some cat hair can be seen on her clothes as well as some scratches on her hands. Other Notes: Has a severe complex about her height. Do not bully her about it. Absolutely don't. While Jade used to be cold towards everyone, a few crew members melted her heart of ice and now she opens up more than ever. Her favourite food is lasagna.
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