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  1. So, while i am aware that this might end up looking like a bit of a rant, i am not sure what the purpose or idea behind this thing is meant to be. Standard Tator round, everything is going as usual, objectives are being accomplished, shady deals are being made, many remarks about specific liquors are made over the radio, standard stuff! But then everything takes a turn for the worse, for i see this particular item, and i am meant to steal it, but the little voice in my head tells me that that it does indeed teleport people around when they get hit by stuff... No problem, i
  2. Tried out the Power Armor thingy, can't say i really enjoy the Power Fist, but i can definitely see how it can be very very fun with the gloves in maintenance tunnels. Keep adding stuff as they come into mind, doing things like this can be very fun, same reason that i enjoy bundle boxes as much as i do.
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