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  1. It's part of the system that sometimes the crates come with missing items, you are supposed to send those back. It's annoying/impossible to check some crates. This is the point of this thread.
  2. IPCs are immune to memechems. EMP flashlight is like the IPC version of sleepypen. You can literally run to maint with 1 hp and heal yourself full with the shit you find everywhere. You are fully functioning until you are completely unable to function at all (ded) IPC surgery should be 100% success even on a dirty table in maint. They are robots, it's not like they wiggle from the immense pain or anything. They can't get infections so it would be pretty cool.
  3. I would suggest stop being a greytiding pile of shit.
  4. Why would they need to have even easier time healing themselves? Carbons get something to survive in critical condition, a thing that IPC don't give a shit about in the first place
  5. Medibots do not need a buff. They are strong as 'roided up gorilla already.
  6. It's already in the SOP. Does it really need admin babysitting
  7. Only time I have seen that used was when security tried to use it on a dead vox and killed themselves in the process. It was glorious
  8. Rumiluntti

    Guide to Prayer

    Asking shit from admins is like asking shit from a genie. Think about how it could be turned against you before you even utter the plea that might curse you.
  9. This would just mean borgs would macro that shit and use it as a button you press the second before you rush in the general direction of the badguyMcGee while clicking like a madman in hopes of hearing that swoomph of a connecting stun baton
  10. "please buff my favorite race for no other reason than lore" -thread #9230
  11. I bless you with giant sponge men in your 1st cavern level.
  12. Buffing stuff because lore suggests something that can be translated into game mechanics is not something that should be done without a drawback. "Lore said so" is not an argument in race balance. Already in the code.
  13. Buffing stuff randomly because of lore? Yeah, no thanks. There's only limited amounts of effects in the game and you already go slower when cold. Cold blooded animal's metabolism shuts down when cold after all. Maybe drowsiness at first, then confusion and if you really don't do anything about it, heart attack. Why in the hell would we need to do a social experiment by lying about making unnecessary buff to something. wat.
  14. pls buff my favorite race 4noraisin thread # 730 Damage resistance trait is already on bugs so it wouldn't even make them unique in any way. What i would like to see is something about being cold blooded, cold causes heart attacks while being warm gives something useful-ish.
  15. MM-jaunt-cluwne makes you into a lovechild of Satan and Hitler and most likely a Teemo main.
  16. What kind of a dipshit murderhobo would punch someone to near death in their workplace over anything.
  17. Even more reasons to stick that thing in the washing machine.
  18. What a bold statement. Don't AFK in this game, ever. Ghost when dead. Cloning prevented
  19. Shit like this makes me wish I didn't retire so I could ban you for making me watch that with my own two eyes
  20. I would just suggest getting less attached to your character, they might die or get transformed. Welcome to the game. It's a great way to meld into the crowd when you're not the only "Tider McGrey" with the wrong ID on you. Makes people bother you less in general when you are wearing a wrong ID
  21. If you don't want to be arrested for having contraband, don't wear a full suit that screams contraband while carrying a contraband gun. Easy.
  22. Tell your backtory to those who care. IC. Complete backstory isn't something you see when you take a look at someone, it shouldn't show up in the examine menu. Medical records, employment records and actually speaking to people are ways to open your character up a bit
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