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  1. Oh well thats good to know, I dont have any actual coding experience, and I know that this engine is a tad..... Funky at times, so I didnt want to offer changes to the inventory if those were hard to code, without giving at least two different solutions to the same problem. But if that stuff isnt hard to do, then I'd honestly say just messing with the first aid kits loadouts to add med chems and the such would be great for their overall ability to actually be useful. Just a single med kit with 2 epinephrine, 2 saline, 2 atropine, and 2 charcoal would allow them to stabilize around 5-10 people just with those, compared to barely being able to stabilize 5 people with all their kits contents. Note: I have edited it, however I improperly said Ephedrine instead of Epinephrine. The latter is the med that I meant to reference.
  2. Hey, so the long and short of it, Red Level Medical ERT, hereby shortened to RedM ERT, are woefully underequip to do their job very effectively. I cant say the ones above are bad, as they have the heal guns and those things are rather OP. But the assortment of med kits you are given as Red ERT is not really enough to do much for the squads injuries, let alone treat a station's needs. I know you technically can get materials from Medical, but with the volatile nature of when ERT are called in, Medical is not always accessible or properly stocked if they are particularly slammed. Now that is what I see is the problem, I will try to define what I think is a viable solution as someone who knows their way around medical decently, as I dont want to make the kit too complicated to avoid newer players who get Red ERT and cant understand the uses for the meds they have. I think the kit assortment is good, it has every major kit for the different injury types, however I think that changing their contents around may be best to solve this while keeping them from becoming walking medbays. Or if that is difficult to code, then providing meds/nanomed machine on the CC station for the RedM ERT to grab and replace with the current contents of the first aid kits. First, It doesnt have to be a super complicated set of meds, they dont need the plethora of stuff chem can make, they just need things like multiple bottles of Epinephrine, Saline, Atropine, and Charcoal. A few med kits of those should be more than enough to stabilize most people they run across that have more than minor injuries. Second, I definitely think patches are great for their near instant healing quickly, however they are not adequate for dealing with more than one to two patients. I'd simply just trade out the patches for Trauma Kits and Burn Kits, this would be relatively simple by changing the med kit (white)to an advanced one (red). Thirdly, I would give them a pill bottle, just one will do, but it will help to keep their inventory a lot smaller while also allowing them a one stop shop for accessing multiple pill types instead of having to go to each differing med kit for the particular pills they may need. I wouldnt worry about putting anything in it if thats hard to code, however if possible putting 3 Salbutamol, Mannitol, and Mutadone pills would be more than enough on top of the ones that come in the kits. Finally, if med kit adjustments isnt too hard to code, I'd suggest honestly taking all the health analyzers and emergency auto-injectors out. Those eat up precious space in those kits, as a doctor has to keep a lot of medical materials on them, and they provide little to no use especially the extra health analyzers. Other than those changes I have listed above, I dont think the Red ERT needs any other true medical supplies. However it should be noted that their gun is a tad useless in my opinion, but with room concerns already for the RedM ERT, I dont have any properly good ideas to suggest changing that other than stating they feel rather weak because of it. Maybe giving them the WT-550 gun may be a decent solution, keeping them weaker than Security ERT, but still a higher ammo capacity while still being small enough to fit in their backpack or on their back. To summarize in bullet form just to ensure clarity. -Keep the multitude of Medkits, but alter their contents to properly suit an ERT's job, or provide extra meds in the CC station ERT spawn at. -Meds that ERT would benefit greatly from: Charcoal, Epinephrine, Saline-Glucose, and Atropine. -Replace patches with or add, Trauma Kits and Burn Kits to their loadout. Or again provide a supply of them in the CC station, as they are much more useful long term than patches. -A pill bottle, preferably filled with Salbitamol, Mannitol, and Mutadone, however just the bottle would be enough for space management and ease of access to multiple pills at the same time. -Remove extra health analyzers and emergency auto-injectors from all health kits ERT spawn with, and replace with further meds or leave empty for RedM ERT to fill themselves. -Better gun option than the energy gun for RedM ERT. I hope this was somewhat concise and coherent enough. If there are any questions, or if someone feels I missed something, please feel free to say so. These are just ways I think the RedM ERT can be changed to assist their job and not make them essentially glorified combat nurses.
  3. I think an optional mindshield at some point in the round, which technically exists, would be fine, but whats the point to not have command antag for the big objectives. Everytime I get antag as CE, its like kill the HOS and Captain, and when both sit on top of each other it actually takes command level power to achieve if you arent super robust. Your antag objectives do get harder with role, as engineer it was usually like steal something or ensure someone didnt get off the station, but as CE its always something ridiculous. So having command level power is practically needed. On the subject of these being long time employee's, sure they can be loyal to NT up till the week before, when their entire family is abducted and held hostage. I dont like to be truly bad, so I RP that when I am an antag CE, if I ever get caught (never happened though, but have had a fellow tator engi RP being blackmailed, and the cap gave him his objective for syndicate information), my reasoning for it is blackmail from Syndicate. And yeah, most RD, HOS, and CE become monster late game if they are somewhat versed in their role. HOS gets every implant known to man, has a ridiculous array of weapons and mechs. RD literally can make anything and no one will bat an eye. CE can go anywhere really and with proper thought, can even be more successful at stealing/subverting the AI than anyone else without anyone questioning imo. And dont get me started on the stuff you can do with atmos if you are competent with that stuff. Hell even CMO can get access to chems and virus's that make the others heads weapons/powers useless, as you malpractice said head and blame it on a number of problems, while getting said items or assassination target eliminated. Being a head and traitor is such a fun thing to play into, and I stopped playing antag quite a few weeks back, because killing people sucks. I enjoy when a head is tator, it makes the rounds more fun than just terror spiders/xeno/blob being the only truly threatening mid-late game tier threats. And if they all were antag proof, then it would take a lot of skill to even kill one of them, let alone two if you are that unlucky person. Just look at the HOS, he so rarely dies to anything that isnt a mid round antag, and trust me the tators try really hard sometimes. I do agree though, Brig Phys doesnt make much sense to be antag proof with a mindshield, but at the same time they are sec, and no security role can be tator. However, if Brig Phys got antag potential, NO one would help them in security, and they would always be hassled. Well more than normal ;)! (Yes I am aware that HOS cant be tator on round start, just using him to demonstrate how strong heads can be when antag proof)
  4. Name: Phoboras Biazi Age: 36 Gender: Female Race: Unathi Blood Type: O- General Occupational Role(s): Brig Physician, Medical Doctor/Surgeon, Miner, Engineer Biography: Born a spacer, Phoboras Biazi, was born to an odd couple of Unathi, who owned and ran their own merchant class freighter vessel. She grew up amongst a diverse but solely driven crew, and was shaped by these experiences to be a slightly carefree but goal oriented youth. Phoboras, at the age of 15, signed up to serve in the Nanotrasen Navy, to see the galaxy sited as the reason, for 4 years before moving to their reserves. This saw her through a multitude of roles before settling into combat medic. Though she preferred the use of non-lethal weapons against sentient targets, she proved her worth with a weapon and scalpel. Remaining calm in some truly dire situations, she gained the respect of her comrades with her dedication to keep her team alive. After a long 16 year term of service, Phoboras retired to work for Nanotrasen as first a medical doctor and later transferred to Brig Physician when stations became bigger and required their own security force. She has since settled into the twilight years of her life, and generally enjoys the quiet nature of working by herself, but still providing something to the station as a whole. Qualifications: 12 Years of Trans-Sol General Public Education 12 Years as Nanotrasen Navy Reserves Combat Medic and Recovery 10 Year Doctorate in CMEE (Combat, Medicine, and Engineering Education) 5 Years of Nanotrasen Station Medical and Security 4 Years as Nanotrasen Navy Combat Medic and Engineer Employment Records: 2537 to 2542 - Trans-Sol Federation Merchant Guild Apprenticeship - Served on the TSFM Moghes Eternal Tide. 2542 to 2546 - Nanotrasen Navy Medical and Engineer Corps - Served as squad combat medic/engineer, as the missions dictated. 2546 to 2558 - Nanotrasen Navy Reserve Medical Corps - Served as reserve combat medic while attending school for doctorate in CMEE. 2558 to 2563 - Nanotrasen Research and Development - Serves as a Brig Physician for local station security as well as a back up Medical Doctor or Surgeon when needed. Security Records: No major infractions Medical Records: Nothing of particular note, however has a slightly below average body temperature even for an Unathi. Personnel Photo (Appearance text): Standing at around 5'6, Phoboras is a particularly pale shade of yellow that appears white under the artificial light source. She has a back dorsal frill that extends from her lower back all the way to the top of her head, which is dyed green between the blue bony spines. Blue hair and a toothy grin greet anyone who looks at her employee picture.
  5. You know, I have this same argument with my friends. Its such an odd topic, and scary to a lot of people, as dying seems like the biggest question left unanswered you just gotta deal with. I for one, love the idea I have the potential to die, not in a morbid way, but in a trying to be something so people can either look up to or celebrate a good life lived, as well as be happy in the idea that I lived a "full" life no matter how long I live. But as to my actual opinion about trying to live a lot longer, I would love to live to see 300 or 400, hell 1000. I want to be everything, do anything, see the stars, spend time with all kinds of people, make someone/multiple someones happy. I want to see a time where our petty issues of diversity are wiped away and we see ourselves as one race with the greater goal to be the best we can be. I want to enjoy the thrill of traveling space, even if just from here to the moon. I want to meet all types of people and learn their stories, make friends with some and move past others. I want all these things and more. I dream of the day I can be a space freighter captain, because being a real freight driver isnt as spectacular to me anymore. I think its natural for us to be afraid of something we have always had to fear, death is inevitable, whether by natural causes or not so natural, we all die. Immortality, probably never possible in its truest sense. I think BryanR hits the nail on the head with live life for the moment or just live life and be happy. I think its great, and I really want to see my 200+'s, that we are making massive genetic/scientific leaps in preventing our aging from killing us so "quickly", but I am not afraid to die. Life is too "short" in the relative time of everything and if you spend too much time planning for what ifs, you'll miss the time now. Because, regardless of how you view view after death, you still gotta die to get there. And if you are living in the moment, then why is death your biggest fear (beyond obviously doing something deadly hahahaha). On a societal opinion in regards to some peoples cynicism, I think we have a overly morbid view on humans a whole. There is quite a lot of studies that show that in the worst kinds of situations, we generally have a much higher chance to band together and get over the small differences. Humans are naturally social animals, and we crave companionship on a base level for at least evolution's sake. We will eventually move past being crappy to one another, and I think our rapid movement towards such equality, from what the world was for hundreds of years, is a testament to that fact. Tyrants naturally get taken down, and despite peoples view on "Big" business taking over, a lot of these giants have only been around for relative gas passing's of time history wise, and they will come and go until either the society evolves past them for whatever is the next step, or society stops existing. Society evolves as much as humans and life does, it learns and adapts to what the people want or need for the particular situation. We are just in the birthing stage of it all, and that is even relative to how old humanity is. Society as we know it has only been around less than a few thousand years, and so we are working out the kinks, getting rid of vestigial structures, and moving forward for bigger and better things. I think its obscene to think by living forever we will stick to our ways, the bigots and tyrants will get cast down whether by natural death or natural societal death, we as societal creatures evolve society to the current needs not the other way around. Are we at a great point yet, eh, maybe, kinda not really. I know in my case, we definitely are not, but I am always hopeful because my mom died at least having changed her viewpoints towards my choices, and I believe if she can change, anyone can. Unfortunately as well, or fortunately in some peoples eyes, the bigots of older generations will most likely die in a few decades anyways, so there is that. I've lost a lot of friends and family, I'm young, dumb, and my job has a slightly higher mortality rate, but I love to reference the roman societal views on death. Its not about grieving their death, its about rejoicing in their life, and thats how I approach life. I want to see it all, do it all, but I understand death will come naturally or unnaturally, and quite frankly I will pray I can live to see my 500's, but will be content with my 40's, as I will at least go to the grave knowing I tried to live my life to its fullest. And when I am buried by whoever still knows me, they will smile, knowing I was content with my life, instead of grieving for my loss.
  6. Hiya, Emelia here, or Yeroc500 for my ingame alias, a somewhat late introduction since I've been here for about a month now. However, better late than never! Anyways, figured I'd introduce the person behind the trio of characters some of you might have run into, those being RATEDRSD:Edge(Detective), Phoboras Biazi(Brig Doc/Regular Doc), and Amalia Sienfi(CE/Engineering). I have a few other characters I run, however they are for when my main roles are all taken and I REALLY wanta play. I'm a pretty long time writer and RPer, having started truly RP'ing 40k fan stuff since back like mid 2000's, and have kept it up since then. I also do a bunch of D&D stuff, but thats a little more sporadic, as I am picky about groups. I play all sorts of video games and am heavily into esports. I drive big rigs as a job, so have plenty of time to RP and play when I get time off. Otherwise, I am just a big goof who likes to have fun with others, oh and talk. I talk a lot, like a lot a lot. Its been great here so far, and I cant wait to keep meeting the big cast of great people here! PS. If I seem annoying IC or OOC you can tell me to get lost, I wont get mad, I know I can talk just a bit much hahahahaha.