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  1. I don't think paperwork makes a HOP A tier worthy. I don't believe just because you copied a format from susie's bakery the wikipedia so that you can file a meal for a single cookie get a job change to department adds much in terms of RP. While paperwork is very cool for contacting central command and interacting with other paperwork jobs like IAA, I find it unnecessary for a simple job transfer unless it may be security. A simple yes or no from the heads is RP, offering options and even the smallest talking interactions adds more to the RP. Job transferring paperwork is someone sitting in fr
  2. I've seen people kill a colossus on lavaland with killer tomatoes alone. I've had a bag of healing tomatoes that you throw onto yourself and heals all kinds of damage. Botany can be the end and create all for dangerous and useful things on station. That being said it's overpowered as it is quite limitless. Most departments are restricted and have to ask for something from a head or others will notice and say something about suspicious behavior but all botany has to do is ask for a chem dispenser at round start from science or get some unstable mutagen from medical. It is not restricted in any
  3. putting the words "hijack only" label on it would discourage newbie syndicates from being dumb. I'd like this. what situation would even warrant the use of such an explosion?
  4. You are very correct on this! There are many ways to do it and I will attempt more humorous things in future. Provided with a video of course. My personal opinion is against releasing the engine and the rounds over or just emagging the escape shuttle so I wanted SOMETHING non-conventional to provide. If you have an idea that could include RP and hijacking the shuttle then I HIGHLY encourage you to try it. Murderbone is normally frowned upon so please if you have an idea, share it here or show it off in game. It's a good and bad example because of what you can do, I'd say it's a bad example bec
  5. As many of us have tried and tried and failed, again and again to Hijack that shuttle or just maybe even to let loose a bunch of bombs on the station, we all have our attempts and stories and fun of trying so I thought lets share them here. I'm posting this to encourage more creative things to be tried and to spice it up and have more unusually seen gameplay. Notably the item named "His Grace" is underused so I'd like to encourage people to try new things by making this. https://youtu.be/WjLgEzZDzPk Syndicate with the Hijack objective can do what is called a "TC trade" and ahelp to t
  6. I'm just gonna end up repeating what others are saying here. If you couldn't insta gib someone with it or instantly blind, mute, silence, turn into a lesser form IN ONE shot then sure this would be good. There's more reason why it's NOT there. It's just stupidly overpowered and not fun to play against. Just inject them normally, that's not even to hard in itself. Anyone could grab soap and insert a potentially dangerous needle already, we don't need some guy doing it with a ranged item.
  7. I'd like to weigh in a possible trait that was mentioned during voice chat and that they could be flashed through eyewear and even possibly stun them. Kidans take that extra brute damage but most brute damage is in fact close combat situations and the only event this trait could not be utilized would be when the kidan is a changeling and can just blow out the bulb or EMP implant but consider experimenting first as those could be seen as a only temporary fix. Flashes are relatively easy to replace and obtain thus stopping the murderous de-sword or changeling from using an arm blade to cut you t
  8. This is really cool, I really like the second one especially because it really gives those SS13 vibes. The 2nd one really looks like it could be some BEE MAN syndicate character almost. I'd add more detail into the first one cause it seems more portaity and could use just a bit more to describe the bloody voxx but I still really like it.
  9. Title explains it all, you press z when your in hotkey mode you use the medicinal item that is currently in your hand. I suggest this because I mainly play shaft miner and it would make a real life or death difference when I fight some of the big bad megafauna and I'm having to fumble through my backpack to ensure I don't die. Survival pens for miners require you to click on your character while legion cores DO NOT require you to click yourself. I do not know the scope of coding this would require. This would be just a simple quality of life improvement for everyone I believe.
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