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  1. Custom card for Surgeon @CheekyCrenando (i hope i ping right person) hope you like it :) *beep*
  2. Made a custom card for @Kyet hope you like it :D (kekw)
  3. New custom card for @WingedYordle hope you like it!
  4. @NuclearWinter (i assume this is the person) New custom robo card. hope you like!
  5. Made a custom card for @MysticLiger , hope you like it. :) Happy Anniversary with @xProlithium. Many more to come!
  6. new custom for @xProlithium ; hope you like it, admemer. Portrait by @MysticLiger. great job!
  7. Made a new custom ID for @CourierAsy ; using @Drakeven's art :) Hope you like it! :0 *beep
  8. yeah, if you want one send me the info listed in the OP in a dm or as a reply. or even to discord: ErebusAres#9612
  9. Hey all, long time no see. Made a new custom card for @Vuhonn hope you like it. *beep
  10. oh i like the @Drakeven's latest post layout. its so slick
  11. lil remake of Kar-Ski's( @BlackDog ) using his new pic by @Drakeven
  12. imma add an edit sayin something like that in the OP
  13. Captain Aaron Whelen 's ID Card - @AmericanToxic
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