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  1. I like the walls Bmon posted. But, I worry they won't fit with our current sprite direction. The floors are more distracting than before and don't look like tiles, like Kugamo said, more like fabric. Reminds me of the fabric minecraft texture pack. The normal walls look pretty good, but the reinforced walls look incredibly out of place and strange. Looking forward to an update on those.
  2. I like blood brothers. I've done and seen traitor done well and fun for people involved with just a mindslave and an agent ID for both peoples. However, they always suffer from our combat system (go figure right). I think that blood brothers may suffer from stun based combat in both getting taken down and being limited in weapon options. The weapon of choice is always going to be stunprods, but that could be one officer vs two people or two vs two with one side winning or losing based on who clicked first. I get that blood brothers probably could work as the server is currently, and I would like to see it. But, I definitely think that they would work far better with stamina based combat.
  3. Welcome back! Since you've been gone, the major changes I can round up are as follows: General changes / Map Changes Removal of Engineering outpost Addition of map rotation between three Change of standard engine on boxstation from tesla/singulo to Supermatter Radiation Rework Some map changes on boxstation mainly mining maints with the addition of the old vault Addition of Nian species (moths) Fire axes now need time like jaws of life to open doors Many sprites have been changed to "TG sprites" Many UI have been changed to TGUI from NanoUI (Bless) Antagonist Changes: Rework of cult from paper to blood Rework of vampire Addition of contractors Shadowlings can no longer melt mindshields Normal traitors can no longer purchase CQC, but can now get a type of "combat gloves" which grant the user Krav Maga Martial Arts Morph Rework (Gluttony injector now gives the matter eater gene) Some Terror spider types reworked Removal of the rotation of Xenomorphs (Still possible, just no longer randomly roll) Addition of two new blob types, teslium and radioactive jelly Vampires and changelings can no longer use CQC Sleeping Carp Rework Combat Changes: De-standardization of Buckshot and Slug shotgun shells (No longer in armory or autolathe but still in some cases ie// nukie gear) Removal/rework of most instant ranged stuns (No more tasers, disablers are standard) Removal of Security borgs Detective revolver is now standard lethal, no longer stamina Here are some of the PR links of mentioned changes: Vampire: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/16476 Cult: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/14516 Contractors: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/14605 (Not mentioned in this PR but you can just buy the bundle from the uplink for 20TC at any time as a traitor) Shotguns: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/16659 Ranged weapons: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/17075 Sleeping Carp: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/15807 Moths: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/17000 Supermatter: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/15291 Radiation Rework: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/15331 I definitely missed some things, but that's okay. The ones which I provided PR links to are what I can remember having large impact on my game. And conveniently enough, I've been around pretty steadily since you've stopped playing.
  4. I think of the timelock options, all have an issue of not preparing the blueshield for their position properly. Along with what Rythen said above about security, I think: Playing the RD for example to unlock blueshield makes absolutely zero sense to me. The job is not generally providing combat experience or medical experience, the main aspects of the blueshield along with situational awareness, which I believe RD could gain more so than the others by monitoring a department properly. However, speedrunning from crew, to scientist, to RD, to blueshield doesn't seem like a viable option. Along with these issues, the RD is most often the head who spends the least time with the blueshield. HOP also has simular issues relating to combat experience and medical experience. Other heads have issues as well, but I won't go into them. While I know many do not like the idea of whitelists, I believe that Blueshield is one of a few roles that could benefit from being a whitelist role.
  5. Yes, same if a real shitty vampire decides to turn your sensors off and dispose of your body in a multitude of ways so you're not found. Yes, that is how it normally goes when you catch an obvious vampire or traitor. If there's evidence, no need for a trial. Plus, trials aren't (generally) considered for non-timed sentences (Perma). This has how it has been for many years, this full-proof test is needed. Often a round with vampires in it get very chaotic, there is no need for confusion among security especially if there are newer members trying to learn the role. This doesn't really happen anymore (at least I don't see it). If it does, that would fall under administrative tasks as Sirryan said. Plus, holy water doesn't do damage to non-vampires so long as there isn't left over mercury in it if it was made chemically. It can also have no mercury associated with the making (Chaplain). Unfortunately, it would. Vampires are in a solid spot right now, there is not much reason to touch them at the moment. I'm glad that you prefer roleplaying, but this wouldn't work.
  6. From the discord I have my idea to rework the overwhelming force ability to make it more appealing to use!: Overwhelming force can now open bolted doors (Still not welded doors)!, but there's a catch. -Costs more blood to open a bolted door (10-15)? -The vampire must stand in-front of the bolted door to open it for some time. (1-3 seconds)? -- ((I think two would be best, but that's just me.)) -When the door is busted open, it is BUSTED. -- When the door is opened by the vampire, the electronics are smashed apart. Much like how an emag affects a door, the electronics must be replaced. (This should not be taken as it fries the electronics like an emag does, it should be taken as smashing them with the overwhelming force).
  7. Post has been edited to reflect this.
  8. Keep in mind as well, all of the files can be edited if needed of course either in length or volume.
  9. Attached to this post are seven .ogg files. Six of which I found online (yes, they are simple text tones, but they are meant to get attention) and one of which is or was used previously on another SS13 server as the map vote sound. I believe it was /tg/ Manuel but I am not sure. There is also a poll available on this post, please vote for the sound that would get your attention at the end of a round without being terribly annoying. Being somewhat annoying is part of the point, but should not be the main purpose of the sound. Keep in mind, I am still mainly looking for head and maint thoughts on the sounds, but community input is also important. If you have any other sounds that you think may work better, please send them to me on discord at "Shmabu#5607" at any time. Map Alert 1.ogg Map Alert 2.ogg Map Alert 3.ogg Map Alert 4.ogg Map Alert 5.ogg Map Alert 6.ogg Map Alert 7.ogg
  10. I have gotten to play one round of vampire; I chose Gargantua as my specialty. This is purely from my experience as Gargantua as I have not personally seen anyone using it. I will not be trying to appeal to a "general" Gargantua game and will only be explaining my thoughts on the specialty from one round of playing it. Please take this with many grains of salt. Early game as Gargantua felt very good, up into the 400 blood range I constantly felt like I still had a challenge. Having to manage ability times to get in and out of fights without being gunned down was refreshing. Mid to late game (400-full-power): While I like the large requirement for getting full power, the road to full power felt like I wasn't progressing much. I missed the upgrade to blood swell initially as there was no new icon for my tiny man brain to [happy wojak man] face to. Some sound icon or even slight icon change to blood swell when it is upgraded would have got my attention, but I don't think it'll be a common problem the more people get used to the specialties. Note, I do not think the blood swell upgrade should be changed, I did notice it had upgraded after I got into a minor gun fight and smashed an officer over the head with a crowbar until they were horizonal. (Please note, missing the bold text was my fault, though I can see other people missing it as well if they are not paying attention to the chat) During the 400-full power range of blood, Gargantua unlocks overwhelming force. Which does have its uses, but it felt underwhelming for the point of the game that this ability is gained. At the point I got to 600 blood, I had already gotten a couple of security IDs and the HoS ID. I had multiple opportunities to get more access, but HoS access is strong enough alone. I did not find myself using this ability once as you can't open bolted doors with it. Plus, hacking a door open with tools doesn't cost any blood- with the speed from blood rush, I did not have an issue with gaining distance. Once I got to full-power, I was excited to try out the charge ability and was not disappointed, it is very fun and has a very good purpose in the Gargantua playstyle. [GRUG STOMP!!!] From my experience, Gargantua needs something more or different during the 400-full-power range; it did not feel like a whole lot was changing in terms of what I was doing or could do and it was getting "same-y".
  11. Why is heather in neutral good there is only pure evil radiating. This is fake news forgot to add this but sidenote, very curious of where I might land on this
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