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  1. Just want to re-iterate: I am not complaining about an admin. The thing was assaulting people for about 30 minutes before I hauled my ass there and stuck it in the corner. I just want to ask if this is an actual breach of any rule. I don't believe I was causing any casualties, I just want to know if this was an opinion, or a rule that all admins would message me for; the former allowing me to use this very successful and efficient, albeit chaotic tactic, and the latter banning me from performing it again. I'm here to have fun.
  2. Hey so, one time a laughter demon invaded medbay, I used a Gravitational Catapult to repeatedly push it into a wall. Naturally there were some bonked noggins, but ultimately, my contribution pushed it away from the blood and allowed the crew to surround and murder it. An admin messaged me and said I was killing innocents, and we could not come to an agreement. Was I breaking a rule by spamming the Gravitational Catapult? I want to be clear: I am not arguing with his decision to stop me, and I haven't done it since. I just want to know.