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  1. You can also dissolve the pill in a glass of water and split it into several containers, e.g. via dropper, to conserve mutadone. I'm really proud of myself for making this basically the standard strategy for Genetics nowadays. :) Cool stuff!
  2. Like a billion years late to my own post, but here's the skinny: That's me solving it Monte-Carlo, which is kind of bad since it can be modelled with a Markov chain. But, on average, the most times you'll have to hit that godforsaken “Irradiate Block” button is 11 per genetic block. Least is something like 6, if you're starting off with the second “digit” in your block already above A. I'll post more math later, possibly lots of time later. Heck, maybe there'll be a viable genetics rework by the time I come back...
  3. Hey, a guide! Awesome, might try to get some of these pro tips into the wiki later today. Bubblegum fight guide when?
  4. PRs that change Lavaland seem to be contested a lot. (#13202, #13013, #13075) It would be a lot easier for coders to figure out what should and shouldn't be added to/removed from Lavaland, if there were a set of agreed-upon-by-maintainers answers to some basic questions about the nature of Lavaland. (And the Shaft Miner job, in general.) I think that Lavaland on Paradise feels sort of incomplete and cobbled together right now, and adding content to it / changing it to be a more unified experience would be good. I'm in the process of asking some players what they think of a fairly major propose
  5. Here's my piece: SciChem as it stands is just completely pointless. 60% of the rounds I play Sci, I see chemists beating up monkeys for no reason, making lube, making space drugs, making toxins, and using the lab for nothing else. Logical: there is no other thing to do, since making like 20 space cleaner grenades (more than a janitor will ever need) takes barely 10 minutes, nobody asks for anything (there's nothing non-illegal to ask for other than healing/cleaning/firefighting nades, which are all different tiers of useless), and there's no consequence if you do or don't do your job, correc
  6. I'd love more job-specific items, too, but there may be some problems with this proposal. Librarian, Book of Forbidden Knowledge (15 TC): The problem I see here is that Wizard/Cult spells can't be removed from someone who uses this item. So, Sec may have to deal with a confirmed traitor... who keeps Blinking out of perma/execution, and can't be contained. Mechanic, Spacepod Combat Upgrade (15 TC): The Mechanic is a Karma job, giving Mechanic players laser guns and pod armour, (especially given that Space Pod Pilots aren't guaranteed every round) is... yipes, it's something. You could
  7. It happens that the problem of figuring out the average number of steps that it takes to get a block to DAC can be modelled as an Absorbing Markov chain, and solved analytically. I'll post the math once I get the code all figured out.
  8. Yep! The times I put in my post were the times to get to at least DAC, or higher. So, obviously, /E../, /F../, /D[B-F]./ all count as well as /DA[C-F]/
  9. Nokko's Speed Strats for Genetics! So, you want to hulk out, see through walls, toss spears and stunbatons at Security, and eat the bolas and flashbangs they toss back. Bad news - completing Genetics takes forever, and is *very* boring. Lots of people want a genetics rework on Paradise, which is fair: staring at a menu all shift and only getting to use your powers on the escape shuttle sucks. Fortunately, Nokko is here with a new strategy for completing Genetics research much faster! (There is some informational prelude to the actual strategy. For a list of steps, scroll to the
  10. Rissa C, Can Thermite Grenades be made with Chemistry? How? How do grenades work, in general? Are they useful for Science? How do they generate research/tech levels?
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