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  1. Don't necropost. This thread was dead as of over a year before someone decided to revive it. If it's seriously something to consider... make a new thread, which can be talked about with a current opinion.
  2. We've tried Parallax before. It caused everything from client crashes to significant server lag, purely because of the processing power required for it. Even our server can't handle both fancy goonlights running at 1 tick updates alongside atmospherics and parallax.
  3. We had bulletpoints, headers, and more with the rules. Soooomeone (*cough @Regen ) forgot to actually backup the BB code for it...
  4. Clearly we should implement Vocaloid software into our codebase.
  5. This really isn't feasible to implement. A lot is tied to a lying mob, allowing them to move is asking for trouble- if it's even possible to do without giving literally everyone the ability to crawl.
  6. Well, obviously, I want to see this back, since I made the PR. I don't really expect it to get through, though, because of all the balans concerns.
  7. No, there are not any "updates" we are missing that would actually significantly speed up air transfer. -tg- decided to run LINDA 4 times as fast, and it only makes space wind waaay more annoying to deal with. A room will still take minutes to drain. That's literally how LINDA is designed. The only other update LINDA has had is a massive change to make gas datums generic and expandable, and it serves basically no purpose. It adds nothing, but makes anything dealing with gas datums incredibly expensive because it's using nothing but lists. BYOND handles lists awfully.
  8. there is literally no control over this on any of our hands host insists only one person is allowed to patch right now that one person is gone for now
  9. no thanks, X-Ray is a vanilla power, it's been the same for fucking years, literally one of the original 4 powers
  10. i will only support this if we also add green-screen shit and cameras so you can go full haunt on a greenscreen
  11. actually A) can't husk over time anymore, fire doesn't husk you B) pretty sure changeling'ed people are cloneable by cloning machine
  12. No. Definately not ongoing, preferably not resolved. People post complaints and adminhelp in confidence that people won't seek revenge against them.
  13. this won't work with our species icon system easily
  14. job species restrictions? literally never thanks
  15. There really doesn't need to be a seperate "hunger" and "thirst" system at all. It strikes me as very irritating, "oh no I have to go to the bar or find one of the drink vendors now alongside the food vendors." Nukeops stopping in the middle of their assault because "oh i forgot my flask of water sorry guys just stop shooting for a sec thanks".
  16. kek no it wouldn't be easy pipes are magical and we'd have to modify the UI for a counter
  17. that's literally the entire point, making your character more "unique" while not giving anyone an unfair advantage
  18. frankly the solution here seems like making suicide open the job slot, not removing it
  19. What you refer to as "interesting interactions" I refer to as "wasting large amounts of time and resources to make MMI's and sort out the damn mess"
  20. thing is, they couldn't even do that any antags that start off station (IE vox and nukeops) didn't show up on the telepathy list still nerfed for some reason
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