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  1. I often find myself to be stuck in SS13 and it's quite always my fault, which makes me feel even dumber than usual. Getting stuck behind the door is one thing but being stuck in maint because you pulled a water cart is another. When you are stuck and start looking around for anyway to escape. Your freedom only a tile sideways from you. You cannot hit the cart, it's destroying Nanostrasen property. Shouting for help will only make you shout to the world how deeply stupid you are. Besides, you don't even know the exact name of where you are. So you wait and try to look at any damn way to escape. The walls. The items. The controls. You review everything and try to find a way. There is no way. You are stuck and dumb. So you start to ration, your only hope is that someone may just stumble upon you and push the cart, do you have food on you ? If you are a borg you lower your light to a minimum and hope Daddy AI doesn't see how stupid you look. Eventually, you hear the shuttle arrive, everyone leaving and the round ends. (Or a nuke blows up, its fifthy fifthy.) But at least they didn't see how dumb I was.
  2. I found it indeed. It is in the Protolathe. Costs the correct costs but require Data 2 instead of Programming 2 (Or maybe the names are talking about the same thing ?)
  3. Page in question (optional): Personal AI ( Role(s) involved (optional: Masters of Personal AIs Brief description of unclear/missing info: The wiki claims "R&D can create more by going down the programming research path. They are inexpensive to produce, requiring only Programming 3 and 500 glass and metal." that's either a bit unclear as it doesn't mention which machine is used to produce them or completely outdated as I've been unable to find any machine (Circuit Imprinter, Autolathe, Protolathe and Exosuit Fabricator) that can make one. That or I'm a massive dingus that can't find something that's also a possibility.