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  1. Heyo, name's Mira, also Unrefined-user in BYOND, or if you want it more complex than it already is, Miragta12CZE. I still regret making that name when I was 7 years old. I joined BYOND in 24th of March after a couple of days of Sseth's review or the greytide era, as people call it here. I abandoned my taste of SS13 after some time messing around the controls and mechanics in other servers, and surprisingly got myself playing again about a week ago, playing the only server I enjoy with others without major havoc, you guess it what the name is. I still consider myself new to the server, despite having at least 28 hours worth of crew playtime and 4 posts in the forums, which consist only images with numbers or pointless replies but we won't focus on that, wonnit? I hope I'll meet some cool n' great people in my sec days!
  2. Can really relate to my own character, I'm just not tall enough. On a serious note, I'm as chill and majorly capable as my bartender, which gives me a burning passion to act as myself, especially when I'm serving at least 200 units of Vodka to a mime I can actually understand through water spurting and table smashing.