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  1. Yeah I'd like them to be selectable for ERT personally.
  2. Yeah but I feel like you could still work around this use case by deconstructing and reconstructing the thing you need to move around however this obviously wouldn't work for things that can't be deconstructed so yeah I see your point. I think mainly this would be an issue if you wanted to try and set up some sort of power generation or something that involves emitters.
  3. Drones have a gripper to pick up things like circuit boards and put them into things. They also have all the basic building materials inside of them. What types of cases are you thinking of where they'd specifically need to be able to push or pull things or use other materials?
  4. We don't have that here but I personally also like this idea and I think it'd be nice to have the ability to spawn as a drone on that station through the ghost mob spawners menu or something.
  5. Can't be any greytiding if there are no players. *taps head*
  6. This is one thing I'd really love to see once we have a better economy system going and there being more reason for credits to exist. I think having the option to give a fine or brig time depending on situation and context would be really nice for both sides. There would be situations where you might still want to give brig time like if it's a repeat offender who you know is just going to continue being a crime lord even if you give him a fine but I feel like a lot of minor crimes, especially first offenses, would be great to just have a fine issued. I don't really think it'd work that well with the current economy though since credits are meaningless and the other intention of brig sentences is as a way of discouraging widespread minor criming by adding a consequence to it.
  7. Wow is this actually a thing? Had no idea.
  8. This is the only one I could see being fine to add without really having an impact on balance. Biological races already have an implant that reduces food consumption so letting IPCs charge less often seems like it'd be fine to me. That being said, it doesn't seem like the nutrient implants are used that often because you basically only need to eat once or twice in the shift anyways and for an IPC you can basically quickly charge anywhere without even having to find food. If this were added as a convenience thing similar to the nutrient implant though I personally wouldn't have any problem with it but it seems like it might be more effort than it's worth to add it. The other ones are just too strong and I agree with what Spark said about IPCs being more focused around a different RP experience than being "powerful". I think they accomplish feeling way different from biological races really well.
  9. I agree on the reactive armour on green thing, that sounds like a good change to me. I'm a bit more indifferent on their SoP stating they can be armed if the HoS approves it. I don't think I have a strong opinion on that staying or being removed. For what it's worth the HoP is also a civilian but is authorized to carry their gun for self defense even on green.
  10. It doesn't say harm to prevent greater future harm. It says: Immediate greater harm, as I interpret it, means something that is either happening right now or something that is about to happen. It doesn't mean something that is going to happen in the future or something that has been threatened to happen.
  11. Context is most important but assuming the exact scenario you've mentioned with no other information then if I was on crewsimov in this specific scenario I would be alerting security / command and doing whatever I could to protect myself non-lethally. Me causing harm should only be done to prevent immediate greater harm and not in order to defend myself so there's no reason to cause harm in this case. Me not existing to alert security to possible future threats is not immediate greater harm. It's possible harm that could happen in the future so it wouldn't be good reasoning for lethaling. If I actually had reasonable evidence to believe that they need to be stopped to prevent greater harm that is either currently happening or about to happen there could be a situation where I do lethal them, however that's not this situation. That situation might be if they are currently arming a nuclear device on your satellite or something. Even if they were to say to you "I'm here to kill you and then blow up this station" that's still not "immediate greater harm" unless you see them arming the nuke to carry out that threat. Immediate greater harm, I would interpret as something that is happening right now and not something that's being threatened or might happen in the future. In the end it comes down to the AI using judgement and following the spirit of their lawset. However, the exact scenario you mention is why it would generally a bad idea for command to leave an AI on crewsimov if they know there are active threats on board that are on the manifest. Crewsimov AIs are very easy to abuse, hell the traitor could just ask the AI to disable its turrets rather than even threatening it. An AI needs to follow orders as a higher priority than defending itself (unless the order would cause harm to crew, which disabling its own turrets in this specific situation with no other info would not cause any harm to other crew).
  12. Yeah I'm 90% sure Blueshield gives service hours.
  13. Yeah this really falls under rule 6 with playing antags responsibly. If you think a slime is going over the top with their actions then be sure to ahelp it and it can be addressed on a case by case basis. From my perspective, slimes shouldn't be attempting to destroy components of the engine to try and cause a delam. However, being that they are spawned by the engine, I do think it's expected that they may indirectly contribute to a delam by attacking engineers who are trying to repair it. That's part of why (in my opinion) they are an event that happens during delam just like the lightning and other anomalies that are meant to be a hindrance. However, as Rurik mentioned, if the problem is moreso that they are too fast and hard for engineers to deal with then maybe that needs to be considered as a balancing thing to reduce their effectiveness a bit? I haven't honestly spent a ton of time in engineering myself since the SM came out so I don't have a lot of first hand experience how strong they are or how difficult they are to deal with. I'm not sure if it already exists but it might be a good idea to add some text that appears when someone takes over a pyro slime to give them some sort of idea what they should and shouldn't do. In my opinion they should be behaving like a slime that's looking for easy sources of food and not seeking out high value targets and causing most damage possible.
  14. Maybe I'm misunderstanding but my understanding was that the proof of concept you see is running live on Paradise code and showing chat being directed to multiple windows. What makes it completely not viable without a full rework? Might be useful to see Tenheydes WIP code if they can share it? I can definitely see not wanting to include this if a full rework is already in progress though since it might just get replaced.
  15. One of the reasons I like the idea of tying this to Game Preferences rather than headsets is because then it opens the door for in the future expanding this chat routing for things that aren't just comms messages. This could be really useful for admins being able to route game logs to a specific window or having deadchat go to a specific window, etc. I'm not saying we need to have those capabilities initially but if this were implemented the game preferences route then the option would be there to expand the options that are available later for other purposes. Tying the preference to the headset limits it to only really work with "telecoms channels" and it's already a little weird with the fact that changeling hivemind and cult comms exist but arren't (and shouldn't be) tied to headset configuration.
  16. I really like the idea of this so far and as long as the "default" is still a single chat window for people who do not want to take advantage of this then I personally would love to see it happen. Also, I think if these settings are going to persist between rounds then the UI for configuration should be in the Game Preferences rather than something you configure mid-round on your headset itself. It isn't very intuitive to me that channels that I mute would be persisted between rounds.
  17. Yeah I've heard ideas thrown around for a reworked chat window that allows you to have different tabs for different things. If that were to happen I'd really love if it also allowed you to pop out chat tabs into their own window to have on a second monitor or something. Or even if they couldn't be popped out, just having the ability to see multiple tabs side by side would be really cool. I'm visualizing something similar to tabbed chat windows in MMOs where you can configure your UI to have multiple windows visible at the same time or to switch between tabs. A lot of this would need to just be a "safe default" and then allow the customization to be user configurable so that the "single chat window" option still works for people who prefer that. I've heard this talked about previously but I have no idea if anyone is currently working on such a feature. I'd love to see it happen though.
  18. This is a good point and I actually think the fact that someone is deciding to spend karma on the job actually makes them more likely to have looked into what they are unlocking vs. someone who randomly unlocked it by playing long enough.
  19. I moved this topic to the suggestions section for you. What department are you suggesting would be the time requirement for Blueshield? Possible departments: Security - Blueshield isn't security and while they have security equipment I feel like putting a security time requirement in front of them would give players the impression that they ARE an extension of security. Security is all about hunting down antagonists whereas Blueshield is just about ensuring heads are safe. Usually they ensure this by monitoring the heads, doing first aid, or stepping in to defend the command member until security arrives. Medical - You just need to be able to use basic first aid on people, this is pretty simple and doesn't require much medical department knowledge. Any advanced treatment or surgery shouldn't really be getting done by the Blueshield except in extreme emergencies but even then I'm fine with a Blueshield not being a medical expert RP-wise. Research, Service, Supply, Silicon - I think the reason these departments wouldn't make sense is self explanatory. Command time - If it were decided to go this route then I think this is what would make the most sense. Blueshield acts as both an advisor and a bodyguard so them being familiar with some of the command positions is relevant. Playing command also would give you exposure to other people who play Blueshield to get some familiarity with the role itself. Server time (non-departmental) - I don't think this makes sense really. If you play a cargo tech for X amount of hours you may not have even come across a Blueshield much. To Karma or Not: Personally, I feel that Blueshield and NTR are two jobs that are actually good candidates to remain as karma jobs. They are both RP-heavy jobs and both are jobs that are what I would consider "optional" to the station. My preference would personally be to keep them as karma jobs but if we were to move to a departmental time requirement then I think Command time would be the only departmental time that makes sense for them. Curious to hear thoughts from others.
  20. 1. HoP 2-5: {"type":"/mob/living/carbon/human","icon":null,"name":"Goom-Goom-Ruum","limbs":{"chest":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/chest","dir":4,"icon":""},"groin":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/groin","dir":4,"icon":""},"head":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/head","dir":4,"icon":""},"l_arm":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/arm","dir":4,"icon":""},"r_arm":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/arm/right","dir":4,"icon":""},"l_leg":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/leg","dir":4,"icon":""},"r_leg":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/leg/right","dir":4,"icon":""},"l_hand":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/hand","dir":4,"icon":""},"r_hand":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/hand/right","dir":4,"icon":""},"l_foot":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/foot","dir":4,"icon":""},"r_foot":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/foot/right","dir":4,"icon":""}},"iorgans":{"drask heart":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/heart/drask"},"lungs":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/lungs/drask"},"metabolic strainer":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/liver/drask"},"drask eyeballs":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/eyes/drask"},"brain":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/brain/drask"},"ears":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/ears"}},"equip":[{"type":"/obj/item/storage/backpack/satchel_norm","content":[{"type":"/obj/item/storage/box/survival","content":[{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/mask/breath"},{"type":"/obj/item/tank/internals/emergency_oxygen"},{"type":"/obj/item/reagent_containers/hypospray/autoinjector"},{"type":"/obj/item/flashlight/flare/glowstick/emergency","color":"#6496fa"}],"slots":7,"max_w_class":2,"max_c_w_class":14},{"type":"/obj/item/storage/fancy/cigarettes/cigpack_midori","icon_state":"midoripacket5","content":[{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/mask/cigarette/rollie/nicotine","pixel_x":-2},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/mask/cigarette/rollie/nicotine","pixel_x":-2,"pixel_y":2},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/mask/cigarette/rollie/nicotine","pixel_x":1,"pixel_y":-1},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/mask/cigarette/rollie/nicotine","pixel_x":-5,"pixel_y":4},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/mask/cigarette/rollie/nicotine","pixel_x":-2,"pixel_y":5}],"slots":6,"max_w_class":2,"max_c_w_class":6},{"type":"/obj/item/storage/box/matches","content":[{"type":"/obj/item/match"},{"type":"/obj/item/match"},{"type":"/obj/item/match"},{"type":"/obj/item/match"},{"type":"/obj/item/match"},{"type":"/obj/item/match"},{"type":"/obj/item/match"},{"type":"/obj/item/match"},{"type":"/obj/item/match"},{"type":"/obj/item/match"}],"slots":10,"max_w_class":1,"max_c_w_class":14}],"slots":21,"max_w_class":3,"max_c_w_class":21},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/mask/cigarette/rollie/nicotine","pixel_x":-3,"pixel_y":3},null,null,null,null,{"type":"/obj/item/card/id/silver","name":"Goom-Goom-Ruum's ID Card (Head of Personnel)","sex":"Male","age":35,"btype":"AB+","dna_hash":"0b1b07be873f2ebf5e12adafbb829e00","fprint_hash":"d0ce71949dc61646a1520e5048058163","access":[1,63,2,42,4,5,10,15,16,18,19,21,12,25,26,32,6,27,28,31,34,50,41,35,38,46,22,37,47,48,53,54,43,44,57,59,60,62,99,76],"job":"Head of Personnel","account":0,"owner":"Goom-Goom-Ruum","mining":0},{"type":"/obj/item/radio/headset/heads/hop"},null,{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/gloves/color/grey/hop"},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/head/hopcap"},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/shoes/jackboots"},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/suit/jacket/motojacket","dir":4},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/under/rank/head_of_personnel","dir":4},null,null,null,null,null,null,{"type":"/obj/item/pda/heads/hop","name":"PDA-Goom-Goom-Ruum (Head of Personnel)"},null,null],"dna":{"UE":"0b1b07be873f2ebf5e12adafbb829e00","SE":[229,711,995,858,922,812,529,117,855,978,156,93,664,484,370,104,925,536,540,654,511,173,149,167,524,423,970,971,104,75,779,393,862,16,706,371,958,408,366,594,984,708,794,285,939,190,807,243,965,910,449,685,770,110,984],"UI":[4094,4094,128,16,16,16,690,706,369,1637,16,1637,2140,2312,1204,1204,16,16,16,16,16,16,4094,16,1637,16,16,16,4094,16,1637,1678,68,12,78,3110,2384,3110],"species":"/datum/species/drask","blood_type":"AB+","real_name":"Goom-Goom-Ruum"},"age":35,"ushirt":"Nude","socks":"Normal Striped","uwear":"Nude"}
  21. Traitors can also communicate with eachother over syndicate comms. Being able to communicate with eachother privately doesn't necessarily mean they are all friendly with eachother. Just like Esseno said, I personally think the possibility of another traitor or changeling betraying you after working together adds a little extra excitement. It makes it so that if you want to work with other traitors or changelings it becomes a risk vs. reward scenario.
  22. I personally wouldn't care if this option was added but I feel like doing this for one particular phobia would be strange when there's plenty of other phobias out there that people could have.
  23. Mechanic and Pod pilot weren't so much removed because of the jobs themselves being issues, they were removed because pods as a whole feature were being removed because of issues with pod code and balance around pods and such. Having multiple maps has been awesome but people still vote Cyberiad way more often than the other maps even though delta is clearly the best.
  24. My first experience as captain was when I was playing HoP and had to step up to Acting Captain. It turned out to be a nukie round and it was awful and not a great first experience. Honestly, in a lot of ways though, HoS is the most difficult command position to play in my opinion. Captain is able to delegate a lot to their heads of staff and doesn't need to frequently be involved in every decision going on in departments and doesn't need to be involved in hunting down threats. The best way to see what playing captain is like would be if you try out Head of Personnel and then kinda shadow the captain when you aren't busy at your desk. That, combined with basic knowledge of what all the departments are doing and should be doing is a good start. You want to know enough about what all the departments do that you can make sure they are doing what they should be but you don't need to know so much that you're able to do it all yourself. You should also have a good understanding of SoP and Space Law but if you play HoS then I assume that you already know that sort of stuff.
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