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  1. This is an interesting approach to solving a few practical problems Cargo has! However, it's a flawed one and would not get merged in its current state, just due to the layout alone. DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A MAINTAINER OR A HEAD ADMIN. I DO NOT HOLD ANY DIRECT AUTHORITY OVER THE MERGING OF A PR. THIS IS MERELY MY OPINION. The short list would be: The new closed-off lobby area (due to the solid walls and a tight entrance) makes the hallway feel more cramped and claustrophobic. The lobby itself may be larger, but no one can see that. This is non-desirable given our pop levels, we want the station's public areas to look, feel and be roomier. Adding windows, perhaps even exposing the entire area with a giant entrance rather than 2-tile one might help solve this. The 'hallway'. Its sole purpose from what I understood was to make the ore reclaimer publicly accessible while also making it easier to get to for Miners. The result is.. a hallway that Cargo itself does not need or actually utilize. Quartermaster does not need to be attached to the public, nor does the warehouse, or even the "mailing" room. This is unacceptable design. A hallway should be as straight as possible and serve a function for the entire department. Your version is neither straight nor integral to Cargo, it does not flow well or connect anything conveniently, if anything it separates the warehouse from the 'mailing' room, it does not allow smooth, straight pathing from one location to another in cargo, nor does it make the intended ore reclaimer convenient to access, after all, it's all the way at the end of the hallway / dock for both intended parties. If you choose to solve the ore reclaimer issue this way, you should consider moving the entire mining dock and attaching it to the lobby, rather than forcibly morphing the entire department around a single object. Larger rooms. You chose to increase the size of a lot of the rooms, yet filled the space with nothing. The Quartermaster's office currently has no need for an expansion -- no equipment is sorely missing or is too cramped in there. It seems you agree with that, as you did add anything to the office, yet expanded it anyway, leaving it with 6 additional tiles and nothing to do with them. Likewise, the "mailing" room has been greatly expanded for.. no conceivable reason. There is literally nothing on the left side of the wall, in fact, you shrunk all the tables in the original room to be fit around a single chair. The mining dock has the same issue. It was expanded, yet nothing was used to fill the space. In fact, I struggle to see the purpose of enlarging the dock -- it does not need to be bigger to serve its primary function of giving a quick setup for miners and for them to go in-and-out of the mining station. Security checkpoint. It seems like your new layout left a large amount of space, which is odd considering every room received a size increase by themselves. You chose to fill this space with a security checkpoint, which is problematic on two fronts: A) Cargo is unlikely to warrant a dedicated security checkpoint when you have exposed the entire department to the public already, the checkpoint is not there to give them access to cargo, or to restrict access for others, it seems to be filling. B) We do not have security checkpoints as they were all removed due to, well, taking up unnecessary and unused space for the most part. If we were to add them back, Cargo would be very unlikely to get one, considering, again, its general public nature in a central hallway and lack of dedicated / private rooms. Overall, the remap's layout as-presented (that is the walls, and solid objects, I do not care for missing pipes, utilities or other wall-accessories.) does not seem to fit the expectations the Maintainers / Heads might have for merging a map change. I highly suggest reconsidering your priorities for what should be compromised on when re-doing a layout. As much as an increase in pure tile-numbers can be seen as a positive thing, if those new tiles are filled with nothing or serve no purpose, the rooms quickly start looking and feeling desolate, which is a problem with this current version. My suggestions on priorities: Reconsider a hallway. Cargo has barely enough rooms as it is. On top of this, you chose to remove a room from Cargo, meaning a hallway connecting all rooms is less meaningful or necessary to begin with, if you choose to keep maintenance disposals. If you do end up using a hallway, keep it as straight as possible as as convenient to access from the lobby area to whatever its endpoint is. When you turn to access a department's lobby, you shouldn't need to make any additional turns to actually get in. Optimize space. If you decide a room needs expansion, then that new space needs to be refurbished and utilized properly, either through an internal room's flow, through additional items placed in the room or simply through aesthetic flooring. Do not have a security checkpoint. This will most definitely complicate your PR and weigh it down unnecessarily. The point is a cargo remap for convenience, not an addition of a security checkpoint.
  2. It's there in the chamber! The image seems to be a bit bugged, unfortunately.
  3. Greetings! As you may or may not know, I have been working on an Engineering remap for the past couple of weeks. While it is functionally PR-ready, I felt like opening it up for additional feedback may be wise ahead of time. This is the full-view of the changes, courtesy of AffectedArc07's map image generator: This remap is rather vast, extending from Arrivals, to Escape and down south into Engineering itself. The goal here is to give Engineering a more cohesive structure and spreading out all the equipment in it more sensibly, to dedicated supply rooms or otherwise. Another goal was to make both the SM from Fox's port and the Tesling engine possible to use. Beyond that, there were also some changes made to maint areas of the station, by adding a couple of new distinct areas, like a maint-garden and an abandoned robotics area. Things of note: Arrivals' Auxiliary Storage has been moved to the public construction room in Engineering hallway Mechanic has been moved to Escape Arrival / Cargo / Engineering Maint-blocks have all been connected intl a half-ring. Consequently, Disposals has been moved deeper into maint. While both engines can be used at once, at the moment only SM is prepared. There are no Tesla or Singularity beacons in this version, but that is likely to change by the time the PR is made. Please share your thoughts! It is an extensive remap, so I could have easily missed, forgotten or overlooked some important things.
  4. The sprites are awesome work, it's just the items they're meant for aren't the greatest fits.
  5. BryanR, EvadableMoxie, Breenland and 6thechamp9 have passed their trials and were promoted to Game Admins. EDIT: marsmond has retired from his position as Game Admin.
  6. This does not exist anymore, unfortunately. They also unfortunately cannot, not from their posts: the CMO has a far better and more reliable view of cloning from their office at the moment.
  7. Spacemanspark has been promoted to Game Admin! FreeStylaLT has retired from his position as Head of Staff. Birdtalon has retired from their position as Mentor.
  8. Welcome our new batch of Trial Admins: GuiltyBeans Sothangel Marsmond PurpleGenie56 ZomgPonies has returned to his Coder rank. Norgad has been removed from his Mentor position due to inactivity.
  9. Heroo2012 has returned to his position as Game Admin! ZomgPonies has returned to Staff as a Senior Admin! Fethas has been promoted to Senior Admin! Twinmold has been promoted to Senior Admin! New Senate has been assembled: SkyPing FalseIncarnate Kluys Rumiluntti
  10. Your a fool you know that.

    I will now get everything ready and I will no longer be banned.

    Also we will play the traitor game.


    "Also, I might even play a little game called the traitor.

    One team is the admins and one team is the traitor.

    Now, what is the admin's duty you may ask..

    Well Well Well my friend they are tasked with ultimately FINDING THE RIGHT traitor.

    And if one of the admins fail with finding the right traitor then they will get there admin tank removed because of abuse. So don't screw up.

    And the traitor's job is too ultimately to destroy the station but at the same time make sure nobody knows who did it.

    And it'll get harder and harder with twists and turns."



  11. [03-11] Spacemanspark has been promoted to Trial Admin! [03-28] Jedr has decided to take a break and has retired from his rank as Game Administrator.
  12. Necaladun has been re-instated as a Head of Staff! Welcome back. Kluys has replaced Regen on the Senior Senate. Scrubmcnoob has been promoted to Game Admin! Jayfeather has returned to Staff as a Game Admin! Qinetix has decided to take a break and retire from his position as Game Admin. Anticept, Pazneria12, Captain Cardgage, Saul Argon, Rapidvalj, ExGame, Lazyspongie, Codydozer, Birdtalon, Xantholne, BrandonSacawv, Onutsio, Mass595, Coldud13, Someguy9283, Warior4356, DaKittaX and Anoonki have successfully joined the Mentor team! Unfortunately, shortly after their acceptance, Saul Argon, Lazyspongie, and Mass595 were removed from their ranks due to various circumstances. Norgad has returned to his position as Mentor! RomanaTColgate has decided to take a break and retire from their position as Mentor.
  13. We have received various concerns regarding clarity, details and unread rules being upheld by players and Staff alike, so we decided to do a full revision of each and every single rule. The thread has been changed and we all highly suggest you have a re-read of them!
  14. Saywat_the_15th, Ansari and Darklordpyro have passed their trials and have been promoted to the rank of Game Admin. Necaladun has re-joined the ranks as a Mentor. Sasanek12 has retired from his position as Game Admin due to inactivity. Cobradude has retired from his position as Mentor. Stephanov, PinkJester, Starburststuff, Wheatley29, Tassadaritze, Alexpkeaton and firegunnz have been retired from their position as Mentor due to inactivity.
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