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  1. Hello, it's me the Space D&D guy returning with another photo and story. This time I built a D&D club at the library and had a few visitors, people like like Kaz and Koolo and the players in the photo. I always ask for permission before taking the photos by the way, I will list the players that decided to stay with me untill the end of the shift and are with my character (Doctor) in this photo. Niti: The interesting xenomorph number one was her miniature and character. Felix the engineer: His character was Jadyr the rogue. Drone: A little drone that found us in the library, we gave him a miniature and his character was combat drone 623. Doctor: The blue slime and my character, just the DM. Note: This round had a cult, clown demon, sentient glowing goblin and even a Honknomaly but somehow we managed to continue playing. (Also, thanks Kaz the vox for the background music.) Edit: If you're not in the photo your character left before I asked for permission to take one and post it here, peace.
  2. Most people just ignore how fun the miniatures from D&D in the game can be, but I tell you if you have a group of motivated people it sure can be fun. I'm not sure if other players had fun with D&D or even took photos of it, but feel free to describe what happened during that round and post photos here. Posting two photos about my last session of D&D in Space Station 13, it happened 30 minutes ago and was really short since stuff happened and eventually the shuttle was called. Not sure if you guys noticed it, but it happened in the "disco chapel" that was built thanks to the miners and two engineers. (My objective here is to encourage other players to play, please consider it people.) ( (My character is the muscular male tajaran using the witch suit, not sure if I was a good DM since it was really short but no regrets. Lol.)
  3. Not sure if you guys know any of my character since I change all the time, but I list my favorites here: Doctor(Blue slime/Grey called Doctor) N.E.K.O (Ipc with anthenas that look like cat ears, not too active.) Yur Uruk. ( A white haired human and one of my oldest characters, kind of abandoned right now.) Emiglia Albioli. (Black haired human most of time and one of my favorite names to use.) (You probably saw him as a Grey too.) Esmak Enemkettek. (Silver tajaran, you probably saw him as a chaplain.) *Insert captain/Head name here*.Jr (My clown with daddy/mommy issues, you probably meet him once. I always change his first name but the .Jr never changes.) Sam Linchoviak (A weird Vulp that likes to hide in maints and scare people, his fur is purple or black.)
  4. Not sure about you guys, but I think that the server's gateway needs more a maps. Maybe a jurassic world? Frozen map? Changeling map? Clown planet map? Nar'sie cult map?