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  1. Forgot to share my Secret Santa art! One of them was back-filling for someone else, it was fun to be a helper elf of sorts. Thanks to Drake for putting together and organizing such a fun exchange!
  2. This turned out so good! Nice job! :]
  3. Don't you hate it when a changeling keeps wearing the skin of a loved one who you know is dead, and won't stop taunting you about it?
  4. don't believe i've posted this one. from a round where fiona was killed, cut into several pieces, and tossed into space. the pieces of her body were recovered, and tide was left with uh. "a little something"
  5. @SlimeBird i think they would use twitter exactly like this
  6. Happy "draw characters I haven't drawn before instead of drawing Chiki" day! I wanted to draw some folks I've seen around & interacted with but haven't gotten the chance to draw. And then there's still a Chiki in the corner anyway because I do really like drawing her. lmao Technically Jade is cheating a little bit but I've only drawn funny slime changeling Jade before OK don't sue me Sticky Bomb - @Krossarn Gordon Whitlock - @Ninjawaha Teufel Eckzahn - @Threes Yikaya - @Franziska Synth Tee - @SynthTee Jade Burnwood - @dearmochi
  7. Now I can badly impersonate Fiona and make funny sibling tweets
  8. Welcome to the NSS Cyberiad. You are the Assistant. Glory to the Syndicate.
  9. SyndieStation EVIL HANGOUT times. Very very nice. (a lot of @Woje's work here as usual :] )
  10. A really sad shift end where Tide held onto Chiki as she started dying of toxin damage even when she started to die of radiation herself. A really tragic way to end what was initially a really goofy dress up round. (Lyrics are from A Heart To Hold You by Keane)
  11. Do I even need to say it's round art anymore? Siblings being very cute siblings.
  12. Marketable Tide plushie. Doodled while my wrist has been recovering. :']
  13. THE DIFFERENCES IN TONE IN THESE BOTH. It's SO good though, i love the range of emotions and tone your art can convey
  14. don't you hate it when your sister figure says she is going to kill you while hallucinating
  15. Mochi art thread let's GOOOOOOO
  16. Aaaand more round art (featuring @SlimeBird and @Woje), doodles from the ragin' mages round where tide got fireballed by a wiz, and when Fiona hauled her off to heal her, Chiki saw a mouse and thought it was Tide, because a different wizard was polymorphing so much of the crew... (we were both on screen watching chiki panic, lol)
  17. Renovated the library with my librarian character Lace with help from @Woje and @punkalope! :] (And thank you to Matt for taking the picture as well!)
  18. Does "renovating the white ship into a fairly comfy hangout spot after escaping from the large cult on station" count as a fixer upper? :p
  19. You leave the Cyberiad for two minutes and flour happens
  20. Round art as usual! This blob really had it out for one singular kid. Luckily Angel was nearby to drag said kid to medbay before they got worse. (Angel Anide is @punkalope's as alwayssss)
  21. Drawing from the round @Woje made a kickass bar as Fiona and I loitered around as Tidal. :> And some bonus stuff featuring @Tourte and @SlimeBird from the same round :]
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