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  1. It’ll probably like my first experiences as a station officer,for the record,my second shift as one,I had to respond to an esworder case and get to the bar,arrived there,I see corpses on all sides,look at them,examine them all,realising the gruesome scenery,then,lifting my head up,I see the bartender,holding a gun to his head,I barely have to time to try to make a sign with my hand to try to stop him that he kills himself,in the middle of it,I knee down,lower my helmet,and remain silent,another officer arrives,pats my shoulder then shrugs off. with all the shit a security officer has to deal with in station,I would probably get PTSD by the first month,and kill myself after the second but yeah ! Being the bloodthirsty smug lizard that I play as of now would surely be fun
  2. Couldn’t you pull the tank sideways to make a passage ? Ah yes,you need hands for that,silly borgs..
  3. Command mostly,and security,botany too but it’s not as important/impacting for command,I’m going to choose the sec point of view,as you have to obey your superiors,the incompetence of HOP or captain can be a killing blow to sec,and often it’s reputation,I have seen many issue KOS orders on innocent people, or not knowing interrogation procedures,or generally law and SOP "why do you want the ling’s account ? You want to rob him or what,i’m Not giving it" or simply with them not responding nor interacting, sec has to rely on them for many things, calling Gamma,issuing Red..ERT..and it’s organisation suffers from their common incompetence. security,I have a sec main,it’s the department I play the most, there’s too many new officers,that do not get assigned to more experienced ones, they let people in processing for too long, are not effective in giving sentences and such, don’t remove the time passed processed,same problem with SOP and Law,confiscating Russian revolvers,giving 30 minutes sentence to battery...and generally not taking most orders with a grain of salt or intelligence. HoS not understanding the job is to do each at all time,Officer,warden and command,going to only chase people in maint when they need to watch if the others do their jobs is annoying, they’re expected to know everything to do in case of threats, the reality being they often do not,having them thralled/replaced (ling) roundstart condemns the station usually. -A ranting sinta Officer. oh yeah,HoP giving paperwork to sec asking basic department access on code red makes me laugh painfully too.
  4. Four I guess -edit: Five* I guess I’m just really tired today..
  5. I just decided to view the forums a bit for once,and I just discovered people were making a lot of character art here,it looks good,really good -coming from a cavemen that can only draw advanced stickmans-
  6. VII-ken: make eksplosions bigger Azer-Kani : Make Sec better
  7. Greetings,Mr Shaw Having your person to serve as a captain is certainly something special and strange, to say the least, having to serve you a pie made of my own Unathi kin and human meat is a horrifying experience, but I wanted to free the HoS’s time by doing the "delivery" .... Not long after I discovered that the chief was asking for a person I know to bring in Unathi corpses for cooking, discovered this at the same time that my friend was a cannibal, that was bringing in the corpses, so first question Are you the one ordering those meals made from my own kind ? Second thing, many crew members have spoken of you to me as a childish, foolish Man-child,perhaps the excessive licking of the microphone might have been the final straw, your "flexing" and annoyance of the crew might have added to this...opinion of you and with all due respect I have for you,Mr Shaw,I find myself sadly agreeing to them so second question Are you planning on changing your manners to those of a worthy Captain,Mr Shaw ? Sincerely- Security Officer,Azer-Kani Unako