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  1. Well done, perhaps, maybe with a side of fries? (To the above) To Lazz as well, I've got some background in bartending, but considering your philosophy differs from mine, what's your idea of a good way to run the usual dive?
  2. Hiya! This is going to be a pretty long post considering it's kind of a big thing for me and I want to write out everything I can. I'll still be in discord if anyone's got any questions, but having a lot of answers in one place is probably a good idea. So you guys have probably noticed that I've been showing up less and less over the past few months up until now, until I've pretty much been entirely silent a good majority of the time. I've got busy work with school and the like to deal with since I've started at college, and I've been working more towards getting things settled life-wise. On top of that, my interests have shifted pretty significantly since around the start of summer, changing to different games and hobbies that I've been having a lot more fun with. I'm not nearly as in touch as I used to be, and I've been taking what feels like too much of a back-seated approach to headminning for some time, which, being an advocate for a much more active headmin role, doesn't sit right with me. I've had a lot of fun with you guys over these last 4 years, and I hope to continue to later, maybe as a player again, or as an admin if I ever find myself invested again, throwing about seals and random space horrors as usual. I've also met a lot of good people, some of whom I'm spending a lot more time with as of late, who've hopefully become lifelong friends of mine. For as eccentric and strange as the community is, the majority I've met are pretty awesome people, and I hope that doesn't change. As far as what I've been doing, I've been getting into other games and text roleplay with some of our community members and staff. Nonsense involving For Honor, Divinity OS 2, Pillars of Eternity 2, and some more casual stuff D&D with some people IRL (If you want my steam I'll throw it here https://steamcommunity.com/id/dumbdumn/ ). In terms of more serious stuff, I've been upholding my grades and handling my current job working for my university. With only so many hours in the week, all of these things combined makes it hard to focus and usually ends up in me jumping from one thing to the next without much of a coherent schedule. As of next week on Saturday, I'll be stepping down from my position and hanging around as a bluemin to see if less responsibility from the role has any effect on my activity or interest, since sometimes headminning and playing the game can feel more like work and less like a neat thing I can chill out with. If that doesn't work I still fully intend to stick around in the general discord, retired or not. That's about as general as I can make it without throwing in an information overload, but if you guys have questions or want to talk about something I'll be looking out for replies on this thread for the next few days. See you nerds around, Dumb.
  3. I'm all four supporting you nerds in your fight here, @AceWhite27.
  4. Well this was something... pretty heavy to wake up to, but I'll try to write up something here to help out. Firstly, the 'burden of proof' question should be taken out of this completely, considering we, as staff, have the server and discord logs and means to peruse them at our leisure, unless it's something that cannot be proven with either. If we can find evidence to something and it's a specific enough issue, it absolutely does not fall on the people with access to less information to prove it to people with a wealth of information that could prove or more reasonably refute that point without the latter party at least diving into the logs a little bit to see what was going on. A toxic attitude reaching a boiling point is common around the start of the summer, but it certainly isn't pleasant for players or admins alike. The problem is in trying to temper pre-existing anti-sec player attitudes with the new ones coming in off of seeing youtubers play the game and abuse security as a 'joke' and the players who influence them as they start the game. Trying to address all of the players at the same time is difficult because not everybody is on the discord, not everybody is on the forums, or not everybody is even on the server all at the same time, so it's hard to get the most problematic people in the room as possible and get that mentality sorted out. Staff-wise, there's admin complaints in public and private complaints that can be filed to head admins directly, which, though slower due to personal timetables, provides more anonymity and real-time discourse due to the use of discord PMs. This exists to avoid the problem of 'I want to make an admin complaint, but I'm afraid that somebody is going to punish me or look down upon me for making it.' I sincerely hope that there isn't an actual bias from a staff member against sec, considering they're meant to be as unbiased as possible in these scenarios, but if there is any bias then it'd be a lot easier to pinpoint who it is and what they seem to think in the public eye. For discussion in general, admins are around staff all the time, they hear mostly from staff, they have a bunch of tools to access and months or sometimes years that they have all the logs, access, and everything they need that it's easy to forget what it's like not having those. It's why I personally like giving people the benefit of the doubt because there's more than a number of times that I've run into a situation of "you're pissed because you don't and couldn't know the full story". From things in-game that were just say log or attack log interactions like "Jimmy didn't hit you, Billy hit you first." to "The MD isn't validhunting you, it's coincidence that you sucked their blood in maint and that they were around robotics to fix their busted mechanical limbs when they escaped just in time to see you around. Letting you try to kill them again was probably not on their to-do list when you ran up and glared them because they inched in your general direction." It's a shitty attitude to completely discredit or act as if other human beings are being 'unreasonable' because of something that a staff member has access to or the ability to do where a player doesn't have so many options. This doesn't make any and all accusations of something right just because somebody doesn't have the same access, and it doesn't make the discussion any 'easier' if it's a heated topic and people are legitimately worked up over things, but it does provide and explanation for something even more important than access, that being perspective. If you're around somebody in a certain situation all the time or exposed to a certain set of constraints that's a bit less constrained than the norm, it's easy to develop a much different perspective on certain people. Staff members will take what they know of other staff members from behind the scenes on staff chat, personal dealings with them through PMs and getting to know people for a long while, while players who don't reach out to get to know every staff member see mostly the business end of the deal, and only the interactions they've had with them and what they can garner from the public discord and that's going to be through the lens of how they remember them best. The goal in an argument such as this is to disprove accusations, not to deny them. I appreciate that this topic's come up considering I've been hearing about it from a few people over discord as summer's started to kick in, and the public chat tends to follow the same views expressed here from what I've seen. Those being that security is heavily scrutinized where it feels others are not so heavily scrutinized, and that the job is still as stigmatized in terms of SS13 culture as it ever was. Considering what I enforce, I'd like to think differently of the issue, but if there's this much displeasure from it in places more than just expressed in the forum post here, I'd like to delve a bit deeper into the logs and find things that we as a staff team could work out that can help us try to clamp down on this thing, since it's been a multi-generational problem, as far as playerbases go, happening every year and peaking around this time every year as well. As Alffd's said, if you've got ideas that you've not already expressed in your own posts before this one, write something up and we can try to work with it. The policies and practices of administration should always be and hopefully always have felt open to debate and discuss. Keep discussion civil as always, thank you for reading or at least kinda skimming this massive textwall.
  5. Rissa, since I know you to be a smith of sorts, what's your favorite object to smith? Evelyn, you don't mind my and Val's antics that much, do you? Hopefully... maaaaybe...
  6. @Spartanwhy have you stolen @PhantasmicDream's idea? https://nanotrasen.se/forum/topic/10718-would-you-like-to-know-more/?page=1
  7. Beepy boops made of magic sparky bits and metal
  8. I liked old medbay because it was giant and a clusterfuck to get around in, but I also play a maint dweller and would honestly love if the station was just a maze of corridors, connector rooms, and a fuckton of wiring. Please never let me map anything.
  9. In looking for feedback on storage concerns, I found a post from a mystcraft server admin at some point, might be better off to go with RFTools or none of those at all considering they're a storage hog. Post below: I did find a way one group got around it though, this would be an issue on the admin end and much more work auditing useless ages.
  10. @Dragonbone afaik the most intensive part is the storage capacity your server would have for worlds. What're the server specs?
  11. (Depending on the version of the game you're using Mystcraft is kickass, but I might be biased because it lets me create entire worlds with paper and do cool shit with that.) Wiki(One of a bunch, but good for telling you what it's about): https://ftbwiki.org/Mystcraft DL: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/mystcraft/files Reference images: Absolutely Don't forget a minimap mod! I usually preferred Rei's when I played regularly.
  12. Third time's the charm for sure though. Remember, by ancient decree of Adr I count as a Player in this thread because I threadcamped too hard as a gamemin.
  13. Glad to have you around again, have fun, nerd!