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  1. Hell yeah @Drakeven, lemme link this thing in headchat.
  2. By eternal decree of Adrkiller, an ancient para headmin, I count as a player in this thread. 5
  3. As somebody who's often seen as incredibly light on the spectrum of admin strictness, I can definitely understand the primary concern of the issue. There have been several incidents over the years in which, even on staff, I have had significant disagreements with the way a number of bans and dealings have gone on across the server's history. It can be easy, from a staff position, and even a head position, to worry that you're stepping on eggshells with other members of staff. A number of times I've felt strongly against something, though being in the minority, there's not much you ca
  4. Well done, perhaps, maybe with a side of fries? (To the above) To Lazz as well, I've got some background in bartending, but considering your philosophy differs from mine, what's your idea of a good way to run the usual dive?
  5. Hiya! This is going to be a pretty long post considering it's kind of a big thing for me and I want to write out everything I can. I'll still be in discord if anyone's got any questions, but having a lot of answers in one place is probably a good idea. So you guys have probably noticed that I've been showing up less and less over the past few months up until now, until I've pretty much been entirely silent a good majority of the time. I've got busy work with school and the like to deal with since I've started at college, and I've been working more towards getting things settled life-wise
  6. I'm all four supporting you nerds in your fight here, @AceWhite27.
  7. Well this was something... pretty heavy to wake up to, but I'll try to write up something here to help out. Firstly, the 'burden of proof' question should be taken out of this completely, considering we, as staff, have the server and discord logs and means to peruse them at our leisure, unless it's something that cannot be proven with either. If we can find evidence to something and it's a specific enough issue, it absolutely does not fall on the people with access to less information to prove it to people with a wealth of information that could prove or more reasonably refute that point w
  8. Rissa, since I know you to be a smith of sorts, what's your favorite object to smith? Evelyn, you don't mind my and Val's antics that much, do you? Hopefully... maaaaybe...
  9. @Spartanwhy have you stolen @PhantasmicDream's idea? https://nanotrasen.se/forum/topic/10718-would-you-like-to-know-more/?page=1
  10. Beepy boops made of magic sparky bits and metal
  11. I liked old medbay because it was giant and a clusterfuck to get around in, but I also play a maint dweller and would honestly love if the station was just a maze of corridors, connector rooms, and a fuckton of wiring. Please never let me map anything.
  12. In looking for feedback on storage concerns, I found a post from a mystcraft server admin at some point, might be better off to go with RFTools or none of those at all considering they're a storage hog. Post below: I did find a way one group got around it though, this would be an issue on the admin end and much more work auditing useless ages.
  13. @Dragonbone afaik the most intensive part is the storage capacity your server would have for worlds. What're the server specs?
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