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  1. People who complain about lava land loot being over powered don't do mining on lava land. The mining nerf was way to harsh. Legion cores need to be able to heal internal bleeding and return limbs because on lava land it is easy to gain those effects. If you are unlucky the first Goliath that hits you can give you internal bleeding or break a bone. You need medical supplies in the pod because it is really easy to take damage on lava land and settling for going back to med bay after every fight with a regular mob is stupid. Nerfing lava land while keeping the same difficulty with the mobs is just ridiculous. Patches are genuinely made better than legion cores now. It shouldnt have to be a tradition for miners to raid medbay for medical supplies for survival on lava land. There isnt even a source of burn patches inside the vendor reward. Only brute force kits. Lava land is in a state now where it isnt worth doing because none of the loot is worth taking the time to amass the resources to try and get. This was starting to become a problem since mining was updated to make it closer in line with other lava lands since the ai was made more difficult with bosses. Now this only exaserbates the issue since most of the loot you get now from mega fauna is kind of pathetic and not worth the effort taken to receive. The spectral blade, most of the effects of the drakes blood potion, Fireball wand, lava staff, the colluses in general, the ash storm staff, etc. All of the later rewards are no longer worth the effort to try and get. a lot of the peoples problems with lava land and the loot people get stem from them being an issue with the players themselves and their use of their gear. There are rules in place to prevent people from just valid hunting antags and if there is a problem with the player themselves doing that then it can be admin ticketed. They also have a problem with mining turning into monster hunting instead of just mining, but how about instead of just nerfing all the things miners need to survive how about we just reverse mining to just the asteroid again. Id kind of prefer that than lava land in its current state. Sure it was boring but the difficulty matched the possible rewards you could get.
  2. I spent an hour trying to get a laser gun approved as a gateway explorer just to find out that the Russians take almost the full charge of the gun to take down. You seemingly cant disable then either to make it easier or disarm. Or get guns from them after death. So I think it would be more fair to nerf their health signifigantly. Or reduce their damage because we get crippled and get injured from getting shot but they are apparently pumped up morphine and hulk serum. Maybe make it so that the Russian station has wireless laser guns like on the syndie station with the terror spiders. Or at least give us some body armor in the sec lockers you can open their because it makes no sense that even after killing them they have nothing on them (implying that they dont have body armor but can take laser shots). And maybe let us take their pistols even if you have to break immersion and put one in their pockets or something instead on in their hand.
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