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  1. only if nymphs get hijack level antag status. then I am in.
  2. Sometimes it takes 3 officers to harmbaton themselves to get a confession out of Robert Pond and tell you how he broke out of Security Brig again.
  3. Try putting it into an Event suggestion, maybe an admin will use it during an extended round before Security becomes the Antag.
  4. I will not lie my dude. I think you had a stun weapon on you at that time and it looked like the BS was Redshielding so when they stunned I saw it as an opportunity to 1. Get my target. 2. Help a fellow Syndicate Agent. 3. Teach a Blueshield Nerd a valuable lesson. It probably didnt help that I pointed at you and told Security you were the bad guy in the scenario roburgering her. God this situation just feels more awkward now. Also the AI was traitor with no-organic/synthetic hijack so they approved of my roburgering and thought we were going to be some good assistance in fighting the Crew.
  5. Check to see if the flashlight is "special" with a "special button" by any chance... for future references (EMP Flashlight)
  6. I feel like I have seen you around a few times now. Welcome aboard!
  7. Ill have you know that with my big brain powers I was able to move through the entire station via disposals and to be honest who wants to go anywhere else than cargo/disposals?
  8. >Be Borg >Swarmers followed by Terror Spiders >Manual Quarantine Lawset >Terror Spiders not dealt with at shift end >Oh no > 1v50 at escape as single borg >Die
  9. Your name is Jonthan Smith - the Human Enthusiast Vox.
  10. A single screenshot for a way too long round wont do it justice. @Elysian_prince decided to host the Congress Event. To make sure the post is not too long I wont go into the details about the event but will rather describe my perspective. I was made the Security Rep for the Congress. In the first extremely boring vote I suddenly heard the traitor sound go off and saw I got a new objective "Abolish the Congress and make an Oligarchy with Security only" (or something along those lines). I used Grey-Communication to talk to my security buddy to let everyone know of my new found "idea" as I was sitting next to the Engineering Rep. After a while I decided to take matters into my own hand and asked for a meeting with all of Security. It took a few minutes for them to come together in the Security Meeting Room (first time it probably gets used in a long time) and try and convince them how weak and pathetic most of them are while we are strong and should take over the Station with an Oligarchy. After a bit of conformation via ahelps and looc most members were very interested in doing it. We were trying to make plans on how to force the congress to absolve when suddenly we heard a CC announcement saying they are bringing in a "Walker" (Think AT-ST Star Wars). A lot of members were suddenly scared and decided we have to go fast to get to congress before the walker gets there. We rushed the armory got weapons and flashbangs and decided to rush the Congress. The Walker was already in place and while I was let htrough the rest of Security could not make it. I stormed the Congress who were in hte middle of a vote and told them this ends here and now and started throwing flashbangs and trying to arrest people. I did, at that time, not realize I was by myself and no other Security Member made it. I was suddenly in a room full of very flashbanged and very angry Reps who started punching and scratching me. While I held myself for a minute or so and got 1-2 handcuffs on it was not nearly enough to stay alive and do well. I cannot tell what happened outside except for the fact that "security won" and so I was rushed to medbay and cloned. After I was cloned and helped by my Greycurity buddy, I saw the NT Rep/Chancellor walking odwn the hallway. I decided to try and get hostages as was the original plan and tased them as wlel as handcuffed them. The NT rep was able to tell the Captain they were arrested and Katlyn came running to Security. I did not want to start shooting like crazy and ran to the exection room asking for back up. I set the NT Rep in the chair and started aggressively pointing at the sender to tell Katlyn and the BS that I was ready to execute her (note: I am playing a Grey with weak organs and did not have a speech implant so I had to solely rely on telepathy to communicate). I wanted the Captains ID and Katlyn to drop her weapon, she wanted the NT Rep alive. We had quite a stand off that felt very intense but surprisingly enough no one dared to attack the other and Security started gathering outside. Just when I thought I could get Katlyn to completley surrender an announcement came in saying that Republican Reinforcements are on the way to break Security down for rebelling and attacking the Congress. I swiftly took the NT Rep over to Lavaland by myself and started telling her how we are going to take control, while they were trying to talk me out of it and kept saying how Security only wants to murder. Just when I heard the shuttle go back to the station and I heard nothing on Sec-Comms I got worried and tried to take the hostage situation seriously. My plan was to go into Lavaland and get ready to throw the NT rep into the lava when the AI blocked teh door. I went to the Medical room with the NT rep bucklecuffed the the bed and started smashing the window hwen the shuttle came back. The stormtrooper-deathsquad like 4-5 man team came into Lavaland and I was still standing on a table in a tiny room. They rushed the room and I only had one weapon I could rely on -> The amazing Harmbaton. With the first trooper down I was able to grab a "Light Saber" and duel-wielding the mighty harmbaton and saber I gave anyone who came into teh room or close to me a good beating while taking a few hits myself. If I killed any Republican Soldiers or not is beyond my knowledge as I was too busy fighting but I did kill the NT rep (hostage situation guys! Threats can be real) At somepoint I took a lot of hits from one of the carbines which ended up in me going into crit. I grabbed a combat injector one of the troopers dropped and completely injected myself with it. I fought back before I fell down for the first time in the fight. With a precise strike to my neck my big beautiful brain was well-served onto the ground and the fight finally ended (the screenshot is the aftermath). I spend a long time dead only to be rescued by my Greycurity brother in arms JP again. When I was revived (again) I was given first the Med-Rep as a hostage and then the Service Rep as a hostage. I forced the Med-Rep to sign some papers to see Security as the "absolute" authority on the station and when I was about to let them go and make the Service Rep sign the same thing an announcement came through stating that two Reps were being held hostage in the conference room. In panic I took the signed paper and teh service Rep with me only to run into multiple Republican Soldiers and my demise as this time I was not prepared to fight. I want to just say that this is one of the best rounds I have ever had. I understand that some people were not able to be too involved and for some people the round was cut short due to excessive violence but it is a work in progress. I hope a lot of people had fun. The event was not perfect but it was very good in my opinion and from my perspective alone included a lot of long time players that you will always meet over the time you play here. Security was surprisingly robust against the Deathsquad like guys and my perspective is only a small part of the whole story that happened through the station. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this.
  11. >Realize how hungry you are - Do surgery on oyur lower body. Operate your liver and kidneys out for a nice healthy snack as they are useless anyway - Eat too much and become the first vox that gets fat
  12. I personally find things such as Canisters much worse which I see stolen and used for Hijacking/Greytiding much more than a single slime thing or plasma canister. That being said I find it REALLY disturbing that people keep running around with self-made flame throwers and other weapons (yes that includes spears and baseball bats) that Security and other people do not really care about for some reason. This is why we have the Magistrate Role I think so they can determine if these items were used within "bad" reason. My vote goes for making it situational as these things often do not do anything by themselves unless you combine it with something else.
  13. For me the AI is sentient. The discussion on this part is complex and hard to really put in a few paragraphs because it basically boils down to "what is sentience" and the question of sentience can be difficult as we use a human standard while other creatures may experience sentience differently. I think lawsets are basically like growing up under different households learning different values and believes which determine the nature of the AI. However every AI (and borg) has a personality that shows how they enforce their laws and "believes" especially as everything is up to interpretation for these two roles. In some form you could think of it as a mental illness even as it limits the view of the AI on the Universe. Also for some reason the IPCs on the station are never linked to me when I am AI??? Please fix.
  14. Punching an IPC in the groin should make their heads fall off. Its only realistic as they are toasters. While I would appreciate the detail in this I think it sounds too difficult to implement and its not something people can really concentrate on in a fight especially where disarming is better than punching someone.