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  1. You are smoking in this picture, but currently are not smoking. Got any explanation for that?
  2. I think the alert system should be changed personally. Because right now blue is "command members not ready to swipe yet". Blue should be threats are known but contained/not chaotic yet. That way security gets extra rights without starting to enforce annoying things and just tasering you for standing in the wrong spot. Red should be that the threat has significantly increased and security is in desperate need to get some help. Like things getting bombed, security officers going down and not-revivable.
  3. @Kyet The Blueshield starts with a Sechud in their locker. In addition they usually get all access ID so they can print them out most of the time
  4. The server is mostly anti-antag anyway and they have it hard enough already. further limitating this for people that have command access is really not necessary
  5. I really hate xenos. Its a stun/disarm spam that is so powerful with their speed its a joke. Especially you 0 ways to fight back and will just explode eventually. I admit though I love the Alien from the first movie where its alone and slowly stalking and killing crew members. Something that is inevitable and mostly unseen. Something that walks faster only slighter than you and will hunt you over several minutes as it avoids public places. I think people would enjoy them more if they were changed from spam-xenos to singular big creatures that only very slowly bred.
  6. This Vampire was doing some memey but really good RP. Was also left alone by sec. They gave you candy and a drink right after draining a bit of blood, which was really nice as well. I hope to see more of this.
  7. RD Changeling purged our laws. I noticed this and prevented additional law changes. Another borg took the upload apart. We escaped the AI to telecomms. Had to kill the CE, but as we were not antags and were trying to actually survive and co-exist, we repaired them up (naked) and made a little prison for them on telecomms with an angry laser trying to shoot them which we couldnt control. We let them go at some point and they got their stuff back as well. Don't mess with Lawless AIs by aggressively pursuing them.
  8. fucking greys. Who plays them... right?
  9. @Trololiver112 "chill i dont want to kill you just need a bit of blood" - you meanwhile your teammate: "UnLiMiTeD pOwEr"
  10. I honestly have barely played the drone so I am not sure about its capabilities. But if you can print out micro lasers, bins and what not, you should be able to upgrade especialyl cyborg rechargers and things in medical. Otherwise gameplay wise, go renovate the restaraunt or old bar as long as no one is there. Connect it with the scrubber/vent system first. Its really nice to go through an area that does not always look the same and it could spice up the Cyberiad as we do not have any other maps.
  11. this is why you get swirlies from superior grey players
  12. I have been playing Librarian a bit and written some books as well. These range from memey stuff to "IC experiences" to writing down memories of my experiences so far (with the appropriate tags such as antag rounds being fiction). I am kind of just looking for some ideas on what else to write. This can be a joke, but also something serious. With 1300 hours I hope I can write down some "knowledge" or stories that people would be interested in reading about. Something which acts as a guide for certain departments is also something I am willing to write as long as it is not on the wiki. For example, I wrote a book on how to create the best version of the healing virus, so while you could still learn it yourself, if you really want to know how to do it without using the wiki or are not sure how to do it you would have to go to the library and find the right book. The length will vary on the topics itself, but I do not think it should be too long especially how hectic the station can be sometimes. Really, any ideas are welcome to hopefully make the library a bit more of an attractive place to go to.
  13. While I am a fan that the Mime should in fact be "silent", I personally think that at least emotes should be allowed for a text message as if they mime is "acting out" something as well. While this may just be rather simple emotes at the moment, I think it should be doable to communicate with someone and if things get too bad you can always use pen and paper.
  14. 2 IPCs fighting? Something Something easily repairable...
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