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  1. I personally find things such as Canisters much worse which I see stolen and used for Hijacking/Greytiding much more than a single slime thing or plasma canister. That being said I find it REALLY disturbing that people keep running around with self-made flame throwers and other weapons (yes that includes spears and baseball bats) that Security and other people do not really care about for some reason. This is why we have the Magistrate Role I think so they can determine if these items were used within "bad" reason. My vote goes for making it situational as these things often do not do anything by themselves unless you combine it with something else.
  2. For me the AI is sentient. The discussion on this part is complex and hard to really put in a few paragraphs because it basically boils down to "what is sentience" and the question of sentience can be difficult as we use a human standard while other creatures may experience sentience differently. I think lawsets are basically like growing up under different households learning different values and believes which determine the nature of the AI. However every AI (and borg) has a personality that shows how they enforce their laws and "believes" especially as everything is up to interpretation for these two roles. In some form you could think of it as a mental illness even as it limits the view of the AI on the Universe. Also for some reason the IPCs on the station are never linked to me when I am AI??? Please fix.
  3. Punching an IPC in the groin should make their heads fall off. Its only realistic as they are toasters. While I would appreciate the detail in this I think it sounds too difficult to implement and its not something people can really concentrate on in a fight especially where disarming is better than punching someone.
  4. how do I delete someone elses post?
  5. Political Direction : Conspiracy Theorist.
  6. Spacenet would like to know your location! Robust Single IPCs in your area would like to meet you! (Our advertisement algorithm has been adjusted for your recent searches!)
  7. I noticed that with higher ping sometimes it will even let you briefly look into other rooms. Could even see a fake wall or so like I had mesons on, but that only happened when something was downloading in the background. The "shake" or "wobble" is much more extreme in that case, but it sounds similar to what I experienced.
  8. So I was an IPC traitor and decided to go roundstart head on and rushed my objective (RD armor) with an emag. I was very quickly set to arrest and got into gateway which was the russian station. I decided to mess around and take some stuff including a Security outfit. I bought some other things including Agent ID card and chameleon set. I couldnt really pass as a Sec Officer due to lack of access + mindshield so I decided to instead go as a civilian and become the voice of god with a detomatrix. I used this to blow up people like @Rebel0 for not getting enough dates and defying "god", a warden that crime stacked and people that insulted "god" in a hopefully funny RP way. When I was out of cartridges I gave some secure information to the station as I also bought a syndicate encryption key by that point but got bored and didnt really know what to do. I wandered around and realized the fucking ERT shuttle was there unguarded. I used the emag to go to CC. I could not do anything special there... until I remembered that emags can be used on blast door thingies and decided to open everything. The armory was guarded by turrets and the mechs are emag-proof so I was not able to get into them, but I did manage to make my way to the BSA room. I realized ghosts were spooking me at that point and I ahelped if I can use the BSA but I was not given permission so I decided to wait until the round ended. Suddenly (I assume the admins finally noticed) the AI ALICE started talking to me. I was very surprised and had a very dumb answer at first. The AI was then saying it was downloading translation software as it did not understand me. I quickly changed my ID to Nanotrasen Admiral and when asked again I said I was the new CC intern to which the AI responded that it now recognizes my ID (Thanks a lot admins!). Also where the picture is from. In the end I emagged all the airlocks so people coudlnt leave the shuttle too early and went back to the BSA. I didnt realize there were so many options and it took me sometime before I found the right thing to BSA. I almost never do mass murder things after the round ends but given the opportunity I decided to use it this time. So in short I broke into CC, CC now has an IPC NT Admiral Intern called Kornwall that does not exist and I am probably one of the few players that managed to break into CC and not get killed as well as use the BSA. This was immensely fun to do and I had a real rush going into CC.
  9. *stun batons @MysticLiger* what are you gonna do? Ban me? Also, THREE
  10. @MysticLiger ill steal your berett for that... again! 2
  11. lets break more stereotypes and lack of rules! Ill just go again! 50000
  12. Lets just start adding more zeros so that we are faster at this. Anyway.. 50
  13. nice! I really like seeing shitcurity in action. The only thing misisng is maybe AI and Borg Artworks
  14. Should be top of the wiki for all the people who have never played cult before to teach it to them.