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  1. When i tryed to find out the exact cemicals embrosia has, the "guide to hydroponic" had a list of plants and theyr contents, but when i tryed to find the cemical "bicaridine" in cemistry guide, it told me these cemicals were replaced whit better cemicals... So yeah...
  2. Page in question (optional): Critical Condition Role(s) involved (optional: anyone Brief description of unclear/missing info: how the new critical system wokrks, as i had to ahelp somone and get them to post to a link to this after i went into critical from oxygen damage as a cultist, after i sat in the toiletsto hide for almost 5m before dying to being in critical, and asking questions lie why dd i die and what crit means
  3. i have many questions i would like to ask, and others as well, since theres no "newbie questions here" threath, sinc ei count get info in the wiki 1. how to get bananium/ to the clown plant 2.how to use the frame cartrage? (if you reveal to know how to unlock somones cartrage to an uplink youre a traitor since you cannot know other peoples uplink ocodes,and security never antagonists so arresting, unlocking theyr pda and framing isent do-able) 3.how to (if you can) replace penlights batterys or take them out 4. why would anyone use potato battery? the maint is littered whit normal batterys and the usage of batterys is cinda limited, as any usage of the battery important enough of engineers attention will just give you the superbattery that can be but on stunprods