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  1. If anyone is making threats, by the way, it's me
  2. Gosh! You're posting your work up!! Finally a place I can gaze upon them all at once. HECK YEAH! I look forward to seeing MORE you NERD
  3. Gothet! They're an IPC... PAI... AI ... That I enjoy a lot. I interact with them with my IPC, Fate. They have very different views, but they are friends regardless...
  4. I want to like what everyone has said, but apparently I've given too many reactions in my time on the forum.
  5. Skrells HAVE BLACK EYES. Who knew? Anyway, here's a good ol Skrell that was once HUMAN (humans tend to change species a lot, huh?). They're always a good Skrell to warble into, and have a neat knack for engineering. Jenny Wellery, sorta sounds like Jenny Warbly... Gosh gosh! I hope you enjoy!
  6. ( I really love this. )
  7. Wait... are we at ten or eleven? Oh... Well, I guess we're back at Zero now.
  8. Seth is always neat, they've got a knack for RP and their music is nice! I've been a bit slower with the art of late, I guess it's because of my fancy new blue name...
  9. Man. I feel awful. I really do... I was once so proud to fight along side you all... Alas...
  10. THAT DRASK NOMMING ON THE SOAP IS SO CUTE! Also have you watched the mandolorian? It's good!
  11. Katie O Claire! A good squish who is played by a good mentor! I love their design and colours and Steel is an amazing coder
  12. Honestly, I really like this idea too. There's been a lot of ideas for what librarian needs to spice the roll up, and I think this is on the list of GOOD ones. Unfortunately it's a matter of, it won't get done unless someone codes it... So. Wanna learn how to code?