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  1. No idea why this hasn't had any responses, racism is great! Most of my non-standard titles for races are less slurs, and moreso nicknames: "Snowball" for Drask, "Mutt" for Vulpakin, "Toaster" for IPC and so on. Vox, however, are Shitbirds. No negotiations, they are Shitbirds here, Shitbirds on Baystation, if CM adds them tomorrow then they'll be Shitbirds there too.
  2. A bag of 4-No-Raisins cannot begin to compare to a tender, station-cooked meal made with love, and trace amounts of amanitin.
  3. Little did the human know: Qerrballak and it's people thought the name of the game was hilarious, and many were avid players since childhood. Though it was an even game for much of their time together, the human accidentally put his entire hand into the card deck not too long after power was restored to the station. Some might call it an accident, others would call it a hasty escape.
  4. In the event of a power outage, there's not a lot to do. In the case of civilians and librarians, even less than normal. After a discussion of current events in the candlelit bar, over the few drinks that could be made with the intermittent power surges, a skrell ina plain grey jumpsuit asked a rather bookish looking human if he wanted to play a game of cards. "Sure," said the librarian, "what games do you know the rules of?" "I know a fair couple, it depends on which you want to play," replied the skrell. Some of his translucent blue skin appeared brownish when it absorbed the orange candlelight. "How about. . . Go Fish?" There was an awkward silence that lasted several seconds. "Shit, sorry, it's 'cuz it's really simple, not because you're a . . . sorry."