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  1. Man I'm still in love with the art style, yikes. Keep it up.
  2. Being an engineer or scientist has nothing to do with it actually, anyone can get themselves a toolset implant from Science and have medbay implant it into you, most won't even care enough to ask why. Vampires can usually jaunter out of detention and those that got caught while not fully powered either messed up in some way or, in my opinion, don't deserve getting out anyway. And I think the masked killer wouldn't be imprisoned anyway, since, you know, he's a masked killer. He's meant to kill people and not get arrested.
  3. Don't think this is needed as an event. Prisoners can already do this regularly by either having stuff smuggled in or using the toolset implant when security is uobservant.
  4. Damn you're a fucking GOD at this, your drawings actually make them look alive and real, insane. Keep it up, boy.
  5. Can easily be changed. We already have stun ammunition that can be made a parent of a new ammo type which applies the same effect as for example the Detectives stun revolver does. Can also be changed, actually. It'd go hand in hand with making a new sub class of stun ammo, then integrating said ammo type into the list of hacked lathe ammo which can be printed out. No impossibility there. This is where I had an idea brewing inside my head. Security will most likely /may/ get a remap in unforeseeable time anyway, so I had the idea of extending the armory by including another cordoned off section that either holds only Captain level access or requires CC access (ERT i.e.) for a strict "lethal force response bunker" which holds maybe 3 auto rifles fully loaded, with a good amount of ammo supply. This way, we can provide a normal armory with laser weapons while also barring a triggerhappy HoS or Warden or Officer getting easy access to ballistics. They are there, though require the highest of authorisation to use. Can be applied for multiple reasons: an out of control powered vampire, a blob, nukies, and so much more. It wouldn't remove Cargos need for shipping them in either because the amount of guns in this "exclusive armory" are very little and those resources need to be shared or distributed carefully.
  6. Make it reinforced walls, then no one will weld it down. /shrug
  7. Welp. @Ionward graciously contributed some small sprite update to the box we're going to use. I'll be trying to include the following set-up: 1x cable coil of 15 pieces each, 1x emergency welder, 15 units, 1x oil can 35 units (I think that's a pretty reasonable consideration, given how any other species doesn't get any means of restoring their blood) I'll see to getting it done and PR'd in some forseeable time. Right now I'm tired.
  8. Be observer. Watch Mechanic break into Syndie Depot with enough tools to build another miracle. Watch Mechanic break through walls. Watch Mechanic break into trap room filled with plasma tiles and a welded shut plasma airlock. Watch Mechanic be smart enough not to-- nevermind, he welded the plasma airlock, chain reaction, everything burns and blows up, Mechanic dies to depot explosion blast. Good stuff.
  9. Times shall now have changed, my friend. A new era is dawning in the horizon.
  10. I think it was just never thought of in the first place, which is why it's not added in. IPCs are pretty much untouched when it comes to newcrit, so my straight forward guess is that it was never thought of, cause no one really expected IPCs to need it.
  11. Good idea in my opinion. Every other race gets an emergency kit, so why shouldn't IPCs? I think adding some very small cable (15 pieces) and an emergency welder are a fine addition as well, nothing too game changing, and it's all fair.
  12. Honestly, short and simple, the karma system in my opinion supports those with the bigger friend circles. If you have a party of like 5-7 people that meme with you every round? Violá, there's your karma laundering coming from. Just how I feel about it.
  13. Atmos code ladies and gents. The codebase is a true treasure. The code literally shits on everyone unwrenching pipes every shift in the server and you don't even know it!
  14. I can tell you from personal experience, you aren't too far off with your assumption.
  15. That's what I implied with the chip though. To remove nanites just like that seems impossible as they're on a microscale and impossible to pinpoint with human capabilities, so a chip that controls them to remove seems like a more suitable, fair and balanced idea.