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  1. Mr. Wolf, During my time listening to the comm channels, I couldn't help but notice your fascination with A fellow Unathi named Rsik. I have noticed many interactions between the two of you, and... If i'm not overstepping my bounds here... I would like to know the details behind... how to put it... Your "One-sided" relationship with Rsik. How long has it been going on? What makes the relationship so important to you? Does Rsik's disinterest bother you at all? These are all questions both myself, and the station as a whole are very eager to hear the answers to! -Sincerely, Srusu Rskuzu
  2. I can't believe I forgot to reply to this! Sorry about that! I can be a bit forgetful at times, but anyways! As always wonderful work! And for your traitor compliment, I will say the round you mindslaved Srusu was both one of the most nerve wracking traitor rounds ive had, BUT also the Funnest ones ive ever had! I'm not the only good traitor here! You're really good yourself!
  3. Thank you so much! I really look forward to interacting here!
  4. Well I finally thought it's about time I actually use the forum! Ive been playing for about... 5-6 months give or take. This is my first actual experience with any kind of forum, so please excuse me if I don't take full advantage of features, or otherwise make mistakes! My main (And only) Character is Srusu Rskuzu! You've probably seen them around at some point! I look forward to being active here!
  5. I remember that! One of the doctors stumbled to OR1 with a collapsed lung right before the shuttle docked. We were just about ready to start the surgery when that terror burst in! The terror got both of us, but strangely enough I dont think he went for the patient.
  6. Love your work! I'm looking forward to when comissions open up!