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  1. Interesting enough, you don't actually have to set it to DAC to work, it just needs to be higher than or equal to DAC to work. If the first subblock is F or E, you are done, since F or E ranks higher on Hexadecimal than D,. You could also do DB - which works because B is higher than A.
  2. Hercule! administratori suorum tyrannes numquam consistent. ego duam dico. that is 2 in latin in the accusative case
  3. Drakevenus(?) tacitus est. I am dyslexic 2. It is ok. *not sure if that Latin phrase is grammatically correct in terms fitting what I meant to say.
  4. Barbarus, the number that comes beforenine has already been said
  5. well if we write all our text in #333333 (color) then the admins won't see (hopefully). so here it goes. I no the steak is gone
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