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  1. Name: HelpBot2000 Age: 85? [Note: Specific age of this unit is uncertain, as the HelpBot line has been out of production for quite a while.] Gender: Male? [Note: HelpBot doesn't care about its gender, and only identifies as a male for simplicity.] Race: IPC Blood Type: AB+ [Note: IPCs have blood?] General Occupational Role(s): Assistant, Helper, Station Engineer, Detective Biography: The HelpBot line of robotic servants were briefly a wild hit and many households across the stars had them. Due to poor business decisions and severely cut corners the company that introduced them went under and the HelpBot license was sold to a group known for making knock-off robots. In short time HelpBot production ceased entirely as catastrophic breakdowns, along with grossly obsolete hardware and software, completely destroyed most credibility for the models. Hobbyists who remembered the good old days of having top-of-the-line HelpBots decided to buy the rights at a spectacularly cheap price. For a brief duration they were pumping out even better HelpBot models who were granted enough intelligence to classify as sentient beings. This, unfortunately, did not last as the hobbyists had terrible business sense and quickly fell bankrupt. Once more the HelpBot rights have been up for sale and the line as a whole has been mostly forgotten, especially as modern robots of any variety are usually much more effective in any task. HelpBot2000 is one of, if not the last of the HelpBots created by the Hobbyists. At its creation model 2000 was the best of the best in its line. That was a long time ago. Nowadays its parts are under dubious condition at best, and its operating system is so old that it can not update firmware. Despite being comparably slower, weaker, and dumber than modern IPCs this unit really wants to do what it loves: helping people. Qualifications: Helping People Employment Records: Helping People Security Records: Helping People Medical Records: Helping People Personnel Photo (Appearance text): Helping People Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes: OOC stuff is going to go here. Initial inspiration for HelpBot2000 was something like a mix between Yes Man (Fallout: New Vegas) and C3P0 (Star Wars). The 2000 bit of his name is just there to sound like he'd fit in one of those old corny sci-fi movies.
  2. HelpBot2000 - Defective, Obsolete, h e l p f u l Gavis - Old, Caring, Cowardly