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  1. Thank you for the replies and tips. I ran some tests based on this playing as scientist and using humanized monkeys and these are the results. First of all, the decapitation if not done by another instrument must be done as surgery on a table or bed with scalpel and then saw. Then the removal of the brain can be done with a saw or scalpel one hand and the head on the other. The head can also be on the ground. It is not a surgery, just takes a little time. You cannot simply eat the brain normally. You CAN indeed put a brain on a microwave (not a head) and turn it on to turn it into a burned mess. Interestingly this breaks the microwave. To fix it, use screwdriver the wrench. A whole head or a brain can fit in a secure briefcase or wall safe. Space suit storage unit: There are three lights and I am not sure what they do. I think the red one from "off" to "blinking" is what allowed to put a whole body in. Then you can then disinfect. It does damage. Changing the fourth setting increases the damage. It does not destroy the body. You can put the brain, not the head in the destructive analyser for biotech 5 and destroy it. You can use it on EXPERIMentor too until a test destroys it. The gibber and the recycler cannot be hacked with normal tools. You can just drag a whole living body to a normal gibber and turn it on. It does not produce a brain, just gibs, meat and human skin. 10u of FluoroSulphuric Acid is enough to melt a head or a brain on the ground. Make sure your intent is harm to splash it. Edited to reflect that the second step to fix microwave is WRENCH not crowbar.
  2. Permakill should be generally avoided but sometimes that is your goal. If your target gets cloned, you fail your assassination objective. I recently failed to put someone in a gibber in the kitchen (tried dragging the corpse into the gibber) and wanted to know what are the options for permakill. I will list the ones I know or heard of with my questions. 1. Spacing: depending on how the Z levels work the space body can come back to where you threw it from or to the opposite side of the station. Also, even if they are in a different Z level there is a chance they will be find and cloned. Not good. 2. Acid on the brain: I think it requires a surgery on the head after you sever the head. It can be done ghetto style with tools though. Do you need to put the head on a table for the surgery? Also I used to be able to splash acid on thing just using a beaker with sulfuric acid on the thing (the brain, in this case) but that does not seem to work anymore. 3. Gibber: I could not drag an Unathi body to the gibber to gib it. What is the correct procedure? Does it need to be emaged first? Also, even if it works, does the process destroy the brain? 4. Emaged recycler: Pretty simple, emag the recycler in disposals. Does it destroy the brain? 5. Emaged space suit storage: I read on an old thread that if you emag it you can put a body inside and pulverize it with the disinfection button. Does this still work? Also, can you do it to yourself for a glorious death, meaning, can you use the disinfection button from inside the space suit storage? 6. Eating the brain: Can you just eat the brain without the matter eater genetic power or similar ability? How many bites does it take? Can you become full before you finish it? Any other options I have missed?
  3. Although I am relatively new I will throw in my two cents. I think antag murderbonning is not an atang thing, it is a player thing. The player who will do this as antag will also tend to be too violent without reason when not antag. Some of them might use being antag as excuse, but that is about it. Of course some gray areas exist, but I think that is generally handled fine. Personally I enjoy having to stick to your objectives as an extra challenge as antag. I have not played much in other servers but my impression is that it would be easier to assassinate or target, for example, with a maxcap instead of having to isolate them as much as possible. Makes it feel like you are playing a "professional" not a random person that has no idea how to achieve its objectives. As for validhunting, I think it happens often in a nuanced way that is not good. It is obvious that going out of your way to harm an antag who cannot harm you unprovoked is against the rules and detrimental (because it is part of the trade-off - antags stick to objectives and normal crew does not chase after them). However, some situations are not that obvious but can be just as detrimental for the antag. For example, a janitor or paramedic who is always half a screen away because he is faster on his vehicle telling security where the antag is at all times. Or finding evidence of an antag "base" and instead of reporting to security and letting them handle it, going back to "investigate." Also crowding an antag while is is in combat or trying to escape. People should just move away when there is a showdown happening and come back to collect the wounded and corpses later if they want. They never last too long in the same area.
  4. I had an idea that seemed promising to me at first but then, as I thought about it more, I realized would not work for several reasons. I will share it anyway because I think the intent behind it is good, I just can't find a good way to implement it and maybe someone can. So the following is just me thinking out loud. Miners have an incentive to bring ore to the ORM because they can get cool stuff with miner points. Security Officers could also unlock better equipment by doing their jobs well. I remember we had an admin even where security got "enforcers" (they were 9mm iirc). The problem is how to measure security officer success? Number of arrests would not work because that would create a bad incentive. No breaking SoP or Space Law for a number of minutes? That would just create the need for an entire new job to supervise them with cameras just like an AI. Would that be fun job? And wouldn't that job have similar security problems of their own? And wouldn't the new gear be irrelevant once the armory if opened? tl;dr: Incentives to be a good security officer would help with some of the issues but I can't think of a single good way to implement them.
  5. Slow Cooked Braised Stuffed Lamb Breast - Gordon Ramsay 00˸00 - 00˸03.3 (VaWYE8dvDGk).mp4
  6. Kane

    Assistants 2.0

    Make it jobs can you can only with a low number of hours played in the specific department.
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    B Y O S

    It just needed maps and direction signs.